New Music You Need To Know: Elliphant ‘All Or Nothing’

The best part of working in radio is getting to hear new music that excites you when it comes across your desk. And there is A LOT of music that comes through these doors every day.

Every now and then, something new appears and we immediately want to share it with our readers here on

Today we highlight Elliphant, an artist from Stockholm, although in previous interviews we’ve heard her refer to herself as being possibly from space. We’re down with either one.

Her song “All Or Nothing” caught our attention, and not only did we want to highlight the song this week, we figured we’d shoot her some questions and get a little more info on it all.

Your music has a very clear reggae sound to it. When did you first start listening to that genre of music? Is there a particular reason you were drawn to it? Who were your reggae influences?

I never really knew where it came from…. but it wasn’t til I found my own expression, that I had this will that I have now to sing & make music.  I recently started to believe it can be because of my mother. There was never a quiet moment in ma house growing up, constantly music all the time, all types of music, early tekkno, to rock n classic music to oriental…. but never… ever, reggae music. Not even Bob Marley. So I guess it could be ma music revolt to my mom.. a place in music I was free… I don’t know– bess up!

Your EP “Look Like You Love It” dropped earlier this month. Tell us a little about each song.

All or Nothing is wild track about saying one thing n do another maybe… haha! It’s a grey zone song… its up to u what its about really.

Revolusion- It’s about never stop questioning your surroundings. Don’t believe in what’s chosen for u to believe. It’s scary to wake up n realize u liven in a lie. Some are so scared they never wake up.  Revlousion is a rebel trax for ma Phantpipl. Means nothing is wrong till something is right.

Everything 4 U – Is a love coma.

Down on Life is a remix. Look for yourself in the dark. Crying makes us stronger.

Booty Killah – Club! When you just want some one to play the wild game with you. Sometimes I need to be the booty kill, sometimes I am the killah.

Only Getting Younger is about youngsters— crew life,,.. stayin together… its about a lot of things….

Look Like You Love It- It says itself I think. Just look like you love it….

You’ve been working with some huge producers already, how did you link up with them? Diplo, Skrillex, Dr. Luke?

It started with Diplo playin ma songs in his BBC radio 1 set, and then when ma label Ten Music started working towards us the rest just came naturally. They all live here n they are friends so that’s lovely… its like ma LA crew.

Who are some artists you are really digging right now?

I find ma self listening to ‘Thong Song’ w Sisco and ‘Wes’ by Alane.. TLC n sh*&t like that… Popcaan.. boom!

Where does your name Elliphant come from?

I don’t know. I think Tommy Tysper said it first. When I lived with it for awhile, it felt natural. Phant is a blessed thing to be.

For people who have never heard your music before, what do you want them to know about you as an artist?

That I’m grey. I don’t know where I’m going with my art. To listen to my songs and follow Elliphant is to be witness to Elliphant’s progress. It’s an honest reflection of my progress, my sadness, anger or happiness. My music is wild wild west, lawless, futuristic, back in time sh*&t. It’s provacative pop music. Blisseh!

Anything else you want us to know, tell us here.

S.T.G save the grey


And that’s that.

Listen to ‘All Or Nothing’ below


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