Road Trip Essentials For The Drive To Coachella

By Lauren Novik

24 hours and counting until Coachella and before you actually set foot onsite at the fest, there’s the small detail of GETTING there.

No matter which part of Sunny SoCal you hail from you might as well come to terms with the fact that, for the next five hours, you’re going to get up close & personal with your three best festies, and the I-10. No amount of strategy whether to take the 101 to the 405 to the 10 is going to get you there any faster.

So, instead of dwelling on the impending unnecessarily long road trip, here’s a list of Coachella-bound survival tips & tricks to avoid both boredom, and accidental death of your co-pilot/passenger due to annoyance.

  • Indie Rock coloring book. Nothing, literally nothing, could possibly kickstart your Coachella car ride more than putting your mark all over MGMT‘s page. OooohGurlll. Get it here.
  • Discuss each article of clothing in your Coachella outfit list and discuss why your ensemble-inspiration (Stephanie Tanner) is way better than you friend’s. Do you remember Stephanie Tanner from Full House? Here’s her dancing to Juicy J. And don’t forget what you SHOULDN’T wear.
  • Realize your extreme fest excitement is leading to the premature ejection of your Coachella-bound CDs and then sit in awkward silence for the remainder of the trip. No, we don’t have to talk about it.
  • Discuss at great length your group’s #hashtag contenders for twenty-fourteen’s onsite insta-uploads. Instagram is oh-so-necessary at Coachella. If you don’t have it already, get it here. Also, what’s wrong with you?? #COACHILLINISSOTWENTYTHIRTEEN
  • Try not to wage war on your friends when they proudly proclaim that feather headdresses are better than your ornamental flower tiara. They are both equally ridiculous- you both win. But if you really want to wear one at Coachella, Urban Outfitters has tons.
  • Discuss at great length what genre your outfit types fall into. This year you’re so faux-boho-vintage-pseudo-nineteensixties-environmentalist-chic.
  • Decide that you guys are all totally going to put a bird on it when Washed Out play on Saturday. Group bonding, guys! Haven’t heard Washed Out? Now you have.
  • Share an immediate sense of camaraderie with everyone else crawling towards Coachella on the 10. Chat with them (from the passenger’s seat) using Waze.
  • Immediately forget this shared bonding when you see that someone else is totally wearing your exact same dress from Urban Outfitters. Was that her going through your laundry?!
  • You are officially only 10 miles away from your hizzity house! Y’all done made it!  Now go forth, don those flowered and feather headdresses and get ready to shake it like a Polaroid picture! Or a Lomography which is even cooler.

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