Hangover Cures For St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy post-St. Patrick’s Day!

We love any holiday that gives us a good excuse to party and drink, but dang it, why did it have to fall on a Monday this year?!

If you’re nursing a wicked hangover at the office, never fear! We hereby present to you our favorite cures for the morning after!

7. Sprite:

A team of Chinese scientists found that drinking Sprite may be the best way to kick that headache and nausea.

We’re not experts, but the study claims the carbonated beverage helps break down the chemicals that are known to cause the killer side effects.

6. Greasy Fast Food:

If Producer Angie is able drag herself out of the house the morning after, her first stop is a trip to McDonald’s for a little grease to soak up all that alcohol.

“My go-to is a couple of Excedrin and then McDonald’s,” she revealed last October. “Usually I get a Coke, small fry, and a plain cheeseburger. That’s it.”

5. Sauna/Exercise:

Sweat out the alcohol with a little physical activity.

Doctors caution that this doesn’t work for everybody, but why not give it a shot?

Also, remember to drink lots of water because you’ll be super-dehydrated from the alcohol.

4. Menudo:

No, we’re not telling you to get your Ricky Martin on! This tried and true Mexican remedy comes from Phone Op Christen.

Menudo is a soup made with clear broth, lime, onions, cilantro, and wait for it…the lining of a cow’s stomach!

Yes, it sounds totally gross, but we know tons of people who swear by it. Apparently it has something to do with the fat and high calorie count.

3. Blowfish:

We’re not talking fish here, Blowfish is an over-the-counter drug that’s tailor made for hangovers.

It combines caffeine and a pain reliever for your headache and fatigue. And it’s all contained in an effervescent tablet designed soothe your upset stomach.

You can get a free sample here…all you have to do is chip in a little for shipping!

2. More Alcohol

This hair of the dog recommendation comes courtesy of Carson, so keep in mind that this isn’t a doctor’s advice.

He says there’s nothing better than sipping another Bloody Mary bright and early the next day.

It gives you a taste of the night before, which is just enough to settle your tummy.

Then, Carson suggests you get a solid night of sleep the 2nd night afterwards. It’s a 48-hour process, but he says it works like a charm!

1. Pedialyte:

We realize this product is intended for babies, but it works miracles when you’re not feeling so hot!

Pedialyte helps rehydrate you after a night of drinking , plus its electrolytes aid in the recovery process too.

“It’s basically Gatorade on crack,” Carson said. “It immediately refuels your electrolytes.”

Better yet, it comes a few different varieties: chug it down nice and quickly with the liquid version, mix it into your own water with the powder packets, or cool down with a freezer pop!

Well there you have it! Hope you had a fun (and safe) St. Patrick’s Day!

  • What are your favorite hangover remedies? Share with us below in the comments section!

-Sarah Carroll, 97.1 AMP Radio/Los Angeles


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