Booker’s Bachelor Breakdown: Nightmare Fantasy Suite Dates!

Ring the alarm, folks, because this a Bachelor emergency!

The dating reality show served us a double dose this week with an episode on both Monday and Tuesday.

Last night’s antics turned out to be so outrageous, Bachelor aficionado Booker felt it was necessary for an emergency breakdown this morning in addition to his usual Tuesday call-in.

“Epic, epic episode!” Booker exclaimed.

Why, you ask? Because with three women remaining in the competition, that means it’s time for the Fantasy Suite date nights! It’s a strange Bachelor custom where Juan Pablo invites each of the ladies to spend the night with him in a luxury hotel room.

The reality show justifies it as a time for each couple to get to know each other better, but that’s just code for something far more raunchy.

“This guy is so creepy, super creepy,” Booker told Carson. “He’s still like a dog. He’s humping every leg still. There’s no frontrunner for this guy. He’s in it to get some action.”

Clare-dresser from Sacramento, Nikki the Nurse from Kansas City, and Andi the assistant district attorney from Atlanta all got an evening alone with Juan Pablo, but there’s really only one date worth talking about.

Andi emerged the next morning horrified, saying the fantasy suite had turned into a “nightmare.”

She decided to confront Juan Pablo, telling him she wasn’t in love and that she was planning on quitting the show. Juan respected her decision, saying everything was “okay.”

“Okay, now Andi? She needs to walk away. It’s over, right?” Booker said. “Just walk away. You’ve got your dignity, lady. Don’t say anything else. You walk out of there classy.”

But no, Andi continued to berate Juan Paul about his narcissism. She complained that at no point did he ask what religion she practiced, what her political views are, how she wants to raise her kids, and on and on and on!

“By the way, it takes two to tango on the communication front,” Carson pointed out. “How many dates have they been on? How much time have they talked? She’s never offered that she’s a Catholic Republican, or whatever she is. That’s a little bit on her too.”

“She wanted him to beg her to stay and he didn’t,” Producer Angie added.

So what’s the moral of the story? Professor Booker stepped in to bring us home.

“Girls, if the shoe doesn’t fit, don’t jam your foot into it! Okay? My god, you’ve got to be kidding me!”

“And by the way, doesn’t this just always prove that even on a TV show, I pick the crazy chick? I mean, I always do!” he laughed.

So here’s where we stand: Andi left the show, so there was no elimination Tuesday night. It’s down to Clare-dresser and Nikki the Nurse. Who does Booker think will take this whole thing?

“Who cares!” he blurted out. “Bring on Dodger baseball. I don’t care!”

Next week, stay tuned for the guilty pleasure “The Women Tell All” episode.

Watch and tweet along with Booker Monday night at 8pm PT and then stay tuned for his 8:10am recap during Mornings with Carson Daly!

-Sarah Carroll, 97.1 AMP Radio/Los Angeles

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