Booker’s Bachelor Breakdown: Hometown Visits Bore Booker

Introducing your significant other to your family is a big step for anyone’s relationship, but when your boyfriend is also still involved with three other women, well, that just adds an extra layer of awkward tension! Welcome to reality television, folks!

Now that there’s only a few more rose ceremonies remaining, Juan Pablo jet-setted across the country to get more acquainted with his possible future in-laws.

We’d imagine that meeting the parents is all kinds of stressful, but Booker, who recaps The Bachelor every Tuesday morning for Carson, said it was also straight-up boring.

“I was kind of wishing a meteorite would crash into my house and my cable would go out. Two hours!”

Dark horse-turned frontrunner Nikki the Nurse was the first of four hometown visits. The pair met up in Kansas City.

“They had barbecue, which was hilarious because I don’t think this guy ever had ribs before, which was like, really? Are you a man? Come on!” Booker laughed.

Nikki also complimented Juan on his natural cowboy skills, but our in-house expert recapper was far less than impressed.

Next stop: Atlanta to rendezvous with Andi the assistant district attorney. After a not-so-successful round at the shooting range, Andi introduced Juan Pablo to her father.

“We met her dad. Him and I do have one thing in common: We both hate this Bachelor. They did not get along at all, so I don’t know. I think they [Juan Pablo and Andi] might fall apart. That was my initial pick, but we’ll see where it takes me.”

Now here’s where the hometown visits got really dicey. Booker said he was downright disgusted by the show’s decision to feature Renee’s son as a major part of her story arc.

“They drag her kid onto the show last night. Juan went to her son’s baseball game and let me just say this: There is no chance of this kid going pro. He was horrible!”

As for the final date of the night? It’s clear the producers saved the best for last.

Booker’s been hyping up Clare-dresser’s crazy family for quite some time now and we got a little insight into her estrogen-overloaded upbringing.

“We took a trip to lovely Sacramento. Now, we find out that the Clare-dresser is one of six sisters, so there’s a little tip to why she’s so crazy.”

During her date, she admitted to Juan that she would love to marry him if he could manage to see past her crazy family.

“Can you hear how needy and annoying and dramatic she is?” Booker complained after playing a soundbite. “She’s just…I can’t stand her.”

So with four dates in the books, Booker asked Carson to guess which woman Juan Pablo rejected.

“I’m going to hope it was Renee,” Carson decided. “Just to get this kid storyline out of here because it’s depressing.”

“Zero shock. Renee gets the boot last night,” Booker revealed. “She packed her crap. I called this last week.”

It’s true! Don’t believe Booker? You can check out last week’s report to verify.

Good news for all you Bachelor junkies…we get a double dose of the reality train wreck this week.

The Fantasy Suite dates go down tonight at 8pm PT on ABC and based on the preview Booker saw, he may have to cancel his busy plans of sleeping in for an emergency recap tomorrow!

“This is where all of the girls get to sleep over a night with him and we [saw] a little preview of the show. All three of the girls are bawling…Something goes down tonight, so I might have to call in and tell you tomorrow morning.”

-Sarah Carroll, 97.1 AMP Radio/Los Angeles


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