If you’ve been keeping up with your breaking Bachelor news (and honestly, who doesn’t?), then you probably heard that Juan Pablo drummed up some pretty serious controversy when he told a reporter that a gay bachelor would set a bad example for kids.

As you can imagine, the media went nuts and even our very own Booker had second thoughts about supporting this season’s man candy.

“I am so torn on this because my initial reaction was to stop doing the Bachelor updates. I live in West Hollywood, I’m obviously very supportive of the gay community. I hear anything negative, my first reaction is knee jerk to say, ‘I can’t do this anymore.'”

Juan Pablo has since apologized for his remarks and after listening to audio from the interview, Booker has decided to give him the benefit of the doubt.

“If you asked me about politics, if you asked me about sexuality and then you asked me to give you an educated answer in another language that’s not my language, I may choose some words that are the wrong words too. Just because, you know, I’ve done Hooked on Phonics a couple times doesn’t mean I can articulate my answers on things like that.”

So luckily for all of us Bachelor junkies, that means Booker’s Breakdowns will continue!

It was another evening filled with two “Juan-on-Juan” dates and one group soccer outing. Booker was particularly impressed with Juan Pablo’s moves on the group date.

“He’s pretty slick, okay? If you can imagine this, he’s with 11 girls, he ended up making out with three different girls, which is hard to do, so the guy’s got some game!

Sharleen was one of those three lucky ladies and Booker attempted to explain why her strategy is one that all women should seriously consider.

“She acts kind of bored,” he told Carson. “I’m saying when you first meet a girl, you don’t want her to be so yippy…Of course you want to know that she’s interested in you and she’s giving you some signs, but if she’s all in planning your wedding on night one, it’s a little much.”

You can’t play it too cool,” he continued. You can’t sit in the back and be completely bored and not give the guy anything.”

Booker also introduced a new dark horse into the competition, 26-year-old Nikki the Nurse.

“She really played the ‘I’m Cool’ card well,” he explained. “It was well-played on her part. She wasn’t even sure that she did the right thing by playing it cool, but that’s what I want to say to girls: Play it cool! Leave a man wanting a little more! Leave him a little curious. He wants more of her. He gave her a rose because he’s like, ‘What’s up with this girl?'”

As for those solo dates, 21-year-old mother and former NBA dancer Cassandra didn’t find it too hard to sail on through to next week’s episode.

“All she had to do was get down to a bikini and of course she got a rose,” Booker laughed.

Chelsie, on the other hand, was put through a terrifying date that included bungee jumping off a Pasadena bridge and enduring what Booker described as a “terrible” mini-concert from country singer Billy Currington.

“She deserved the rose that she got,” he said.

As for this week’s rose ceremony, Juan Pablo opted to switch things up. Instead of the usual cocktail gathering, he got ladies to strip down to their bikinis for an old-fashioned pool party.

“The hippie girl from California, she got the boot last night. She didn’t get a rose. Also, this girl Christy, who I swear I think they put on the show for the first time last night. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her before.”

But if you ask Booker, there’s one other bachelorette that needs to be voted off the island ASAP…”stripper house mom” Renee!

“There’s the other single mom on the show. They’ve gotta get rid of her. She has to go. Every time one of the girls starts crying and starts to unravel, there she is! She’s there to nurture them because she’s a mom. She’s stopping the crazy and it’s just totally ticking me off! I hate that.”

Will Renee survive next week’s cut? Watch and tweet along with Booker Monday night at 8pm PT and then listen to his full recap on Tuesday during Mornings with Carson Daly!

-Sarah Carroll, 97.1 AMP Radio/Los Angeles


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