Today’s Viral Video of the Day is pretty lame.

It’s a video of Justin Bieber sleeping and it’s got over 4 million views in just over 24 hours.

I think it’s a sad time when the world gets consumed with a 19-year-old kid’s behavior. Think about when you were 19, or if you’re a teenager at the moment, what if everything you did was scrutinized and judged on such a massive scale by the public?

I think we’d all buckle under that kind of pressure, not to mention if you were a pop star too.

The video was shot by some nameless girl who was obviously hanging out with Justin the night before, but like a lot of people these days, she wants her moment in the light of fame.

Let’s all ask ourselves this: think about some of the stupid things we’ve all done at one time or another and raise your hand if you’ve felt terrible about it the next day? Bet just about all of you raised your hand, am I right?

Now imagine the world knowing all about some of those stupid things you’ve done…not cool, right?

I’m Irish-Catholic, so I’m filled with guilt all the time and my hand is way up in the air. Cut this kid a break already!

Justin has visited AMP Radio many times and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him and I can’t say enough nice things about him. He’s a very nice, well-mannered kid!

I kind of feel like the late Andy Rooney at the moment, but I’m over everyone being so involved in everyone else’s lives when we should all be focused on being the best we can be and helping others!

Give the kid a break…who cares what he was doing or what he does. It’s not you or me, so it’s none of our business.

I’m not even a Belieber, so I have no vested interest. I just think we can all do a little better with our finger pointing from the peanut gallery.

Have some time to spare? Spend it with Surfer Stephen and some of his favorite viral video picks below:


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