Lady Gaga Leaks “ARTPOP” Details To Carson Daly

Attention, Little Monsters! This is not a drill.

A pop music emergency overtook the airwaves after Lady Gaga’s “Applause” was leaked online Monday in a low quality format.

Mother Monster is never one to disappoint her fans, so she opted to officially release the song one week early.

This morning, she headed straight to the AMP Radio studio to tell Carson Daly all about “Applause,” ARTPOP, her journey to get sober, and her renewed inspiration for her craft.

It seems the hacker who leaked “Applause” ahead of its scheduled Aug. 19th release date will be going to jail… which doesn’t make her feel great. While the leak had Gaga and her team working all night to release the song officially via iTunes, she says she’s thrilled to finally hear the track blasting through radio speakers.

“We found the person who did it and they’re probably going to go to jail,” she said. “I hate that. I don’t have any control over that. I’m an artist from Interscope Records, what’s lucrative for me privately, is also lucrative for the company. If there’s any more leaks they go to jail and it makes me so upset because they’re just fans and they’re excited to get any new music out.”

The 27-year-old pop music phenomenon will perform “Applause” live for the first time at the MTV Video Music Awards August 25.

“Well, that’s going to be a show,” she teased. “Don’t miss it. We’re planning something fantastic and I’ve been rehearsing for months and months. I’ve been rehearsing standing and before that rehearsing lying down. Laying my bed.”

Lady Gaga spent much of 2013 recuperating from hip surgery, but she promises she’s as good as new.

“I actually have better rotation in my right hip. And I can name a few people that are very happy about that. Actually just one!” she laughed, most likely referring to longtime beau Taylor Kinney.

Gaga also confirmed she will be headlining the iTunes Music Festival on September 1 in London, where she will perform an hour of all new music.

Moreover, Gaga discussed the documentary she’s been working on, which encompasses the making of her upcoming album ARTPOP, her hip injury and surgery, and behind-the-scenes tour footage. As first revealed in tweets from last Christmas and confirmed today, Gaga is collaborating with distinctive photographer/director Terry Richardson on the feature film, which is due out next year. He traveled the world alongside Gaga, capturing the highs and lows.

It seems Richardson is not the only collaborator on the film. Some of the footage that Gaga shot with New York performance artist Marina Abramović will be incorporated into the doc, and Gaga notes that it will be very, well, naked.

“That’s how I work, I work naked and smoking and drinking and writing,” Gaga told AMP. “I like to feel free.”

Speaking on Abramović, Gaga had only positive things to say regarding the artist, who “sobered [her] up a lot.”

“She saved my life,” Gaga said. “I felt polluted for a while by fame. My time spent with her she spent cleaning my spirit and my house. I feel less high all the time. High, literally.”

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The realities of being one of the world’s biggest pop stars came up again when Gaga discussed her renewed work ethic.

“I found that discipline and sense of ambition I’ve had in me since I was very young, in a way I’ve never felt before,” she said. “As a pop singer, they try to put us in a box. For me as an artist, every time I put an album out there’s this thing that happens that the public, they really try to push you back into the box.

“I won’t ever be inside the box and that’s why my fans fell in love with me in the beginning and that’s why I fell in love with them as a fan base. I don’t have to be a girl that doesn’t write her music and makes inconsequential pop music. It doesn’t have to come from the machine to be great.”

Little Monsters waiting outside of AMP Radio for Lady Gaga

Little Monsters waiting outside of AMP Radio for Lady Gaga

“A true glam electronic album” in Gaga’s words, ARTPOP will be released Nov. 11. She described it in four words as: “We could belong together.”

(Additional reporting by Jillian Mapes, and Sarah Carroll, 97.1 AMP Radio/Los Angeles)


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