It’s a busy day for news with the historic Supreme Court rulings on the Defense of Marriage Act and Proposition 8.

The TODAY show also scored a big interview with Paula Deen. The celebrity chef is fighting accusations of racism after recently admitting under oath that she has used derogatory language to describe African Americans.

The Food Network fired her and several of her endorsements have been terminated, so Deen finally took to the airwaves to explain herself.

Carson’s been co-hosting the 9am hour of the morning news program all this week and put on his newsman cap this Wednesday to report on the social media response.

Carson watched the entire interview live from the TODAY show control room and was surprised at how emotional it was.

“It’s great TV,” he told Booker and Producer Angie. “I wouldn’t put it up there with the Matt Lauer/Tom Cruise interview, but it is definitely an interview that everybody will be talking about today.”

Although Deen appeared to be close to tears throughout most of the interview, Carson was surprised that she did not use two very important words.

“It wasn’t much of a mea culpa. I don’t know if she ever even said the words, ‘I’m sorry.’ It was just more about her trying to dispel some of these rumors about her using racial slurs sort of regularly.”

How did the country react? Carson broke down the stats:

“The numbers show us now post-interview that the country’s pretty split 50/50. You have kind of the Southern Christian contingency basically tweeting, ‘Ye who cast the first stone…like leave Paula alone. None of us are guilt-free. She’s apologized, let’s move on.'”

“And then there’s the other side of the country that’s just like, ‘She should’ve done this on Friday. She’s only making this big splash because she lost her job at the Food Network. She lost her partnership with another food company.'”

Delving into the hard-hitting news genre is somewhat new territory for Carson, but he welcomes the challenge.

“Doing mornings on AMP has really put me in that light a little bit. Once you’re sort of the A mic, if you will, I made a career of being Switzerland. I mean if you go back to TRL, you would never [hear my opinion]…I have no problem giving my opinion, but you have to do it in a tasteful way.”

“Do I feel sorry for Paula Deen? Yes. Do I buy her apology? Yeah, I think she is heart-fully sorry. With that, I think she’s also very sorry this thing happened and I do think she’s saving business face as well,” he added. “We all have to protect interests.”

Watch the entire Paula Deen interview below:

  • Do you accept Paula Deen’s apology? Let us know how you feel in the comments section.

Sarah Carroll, 97.1 AMP Radio/Los Angeles


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