The Voice Recap: Adam Levine’s Team On The Chopping Block!

It’s always emotional to see contestants come and go on The Voice, but we can safely say that Tuesday’s episode featured the most shocking eliminations yet!

Tensions were unbearably high considering Usher and Shakira were both down to their final artists, but it turns out Adam Levine was the one who should’ve have been texting in his votes all night! Two of his artists who were pegged as early favorites were given the boot last night.

Carson was on the scene to witness the unbelievable results and shared his thoughts this morning with Producer Angie.

Adam Levine was not a happy camper once he realized that both Judith Hill and Sarah Simmons were not advancing to the top 6.

“I found out who was going home before the show and I was shocked,” Carson explained. “What I was shocked about was that Team Adam was going to be dismantled and that he did not know about it and I did.

“So going throughout the show,  I kept looking at him as he was applauding and smiling and I know Adam and I know how much the show means to him and I know how competitive he is. The guy cares a lot and in the last 20 seconds of the show, his team got dismantled.”

Levine was so rattled by the news, he muttered “I hate this country” under his breath, which lead to a big backlash online. The Maroon 5 front man addressed the gaffe on Twitter, posting definitions for the words “joke,” “humorless,” “light-hearted,” and “misunderstand.”

Shakira couldn’t have been more thrilled when her artist, Sasha Allen, was saved. The Colombian pop star squealed at the top of her lungs and rushed onstage to hug Allen.

“It was a great moment,” Carson said. He was relieved that neither Shaki or Usher’s teams were eliminated. “Yeah, it has evened out that playing field a little bit,” he added.

Blake Shelton was the big winner of the night with his entire team of three still going strong.

“That of course rubs Adam the wrong way too. Blake’s won this thing twice already. Adam went on the Tonight Show and guaranteed a victory, if you remember.”

Still in shock, Carson tried to figure out why Judith couldn’t get the votes this time around. Producer Angie compared it to when no one asks the pretty girl to prom because everyone assumes she already has a date.

“America was just so, ‘Oh that girl’s great! She’s going to have a great career. She’s already got Michael Jackson-type connections and why am I going to waste my toll charge voting for her?” Carson reasoned. “Look at that little girl, Danielle [Bradbery]. She’s 16, I’m putting my stock in her, you know? Doesn’t mean that they don’t like Judith Hill, they just didn’t vote for her.”

Even though The Voice is a singing competition that rewards true talent, it’s also a reality show. Carson stressed the need for a strong connection between the artist and American public.

“It could be a lack of a story with Judith Hill or with Sarah. Maybe that Gotye song Monday night just wasn’t quite strong enough?”

“When you pick a pony, you want their whole story,” Producer Angie added. “You want their back story, what’s going on with them. You root for them as a whole.”

Just to recap, here are the top 6 contestants who survived the brutal cut.


  • Amber Carrington
  • Judith Hill – ELIMINATED
  • Sarah Simmons – ELIMINATED


  • Danielle Bradberry
  • Holly Tucker
  • The Swon Brothers


  • Sasha Allen


  • Michelle Chamuel

The top 6 perform for America’s vote next Monday at 8pm PT on NBC! Make sure to watch and vote for your favorites!

  • Were you surprised by Tuesday’s eliminations? Tell us why or why not in the comments section!

Sarah Carroll, 97.1 AMP Radio/Los Angeles


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