LAUNCH artist Avicii brings us “I Could Be The One” all week long, with his DJ partner-in-crime Nicky Romero.

Avicii offered an inside look at the track in an exclusive interview with, starting with insight into how the collaborative track came to be and it’s debut.

“I wrote ‘I Could Be The One’ with Nicky Romero in my studio in Stockholm,” Avicii recounted. “We initially started in his studio a couple of months earlier…I got a second listen there, so we gave it another try. We went there, we were just there for a day or something, and we wrote it and started playing it out for Miami last Ultra Music [Festival, 2012], a year ago…We released it after ages of having — it was already out, people out of our DJ friends had it for ages — then it got out and became No. 1 in the UK and stuff like that. It was just such a fun club project from the beginning and then everything else happened so organically.”

It’s not at all uncommon for Avicii to play tracks out as soon as they’re created, the DJ confirmed. He said “I Could Be The One” was getting play in his club sets before it was even finished.

“The basic structure was there, it was kind of the same track without the vocal that we worked on.  It wasn’t mastered, it didn’t sound as good as it does now but we were playing it [out] right from the start…I generally do that, right when I finish something I start playing it out as soon as possible.”

And that song you love so much? Avicii thinks it’s because you’re digging the vocal melody as much as you are the EDM track underneath, but that makes it a lot harder to get into.

“Always with a track like that, like every melodic track has to grow on people before you get the reaction you want. You could play it forever and if people don’t know about it, you’re not going to get that reaction. If you’re playing hard tracks, which have a lot of bass and stuff like that that’s more non-melodic, just harder, then you don’t — it could work the first time you try it. But with melodic tracks like that…it takes some time. I remember even with the vocal, I played it with the new vocal for three or four months. I wasn’t expecting reactions for it anymore because I had played it for such a long time. I tried it at a festival and everyone sang along to every word, after it hit in the UK. I didn’t even realize it had hit at that time so I was so shocked to get those reactions from that track…It caught me out of the blue, 100%.”

The unexpected and hilarious video for the track embraces hedonism and aptly celebrates the life you could be living at an Avicii show (hopefully minus the abrupt end). It’s been remixed by several DJs.

Avicii is CBS Radio’s LAUNCH artist from April 1-5. Check out “I Could Be The One.”


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