We love a good debate here on the morning show and boy oh boy, Carson sure brought up a doozy today!

Down in San Diego, a mom blogger is being criticized for admitting she’s excited to take her tween daughter shopping at Victoria’s Secret for underwear.

Sure, the lingerie store sells a lot of things that are absolutely inappropriate for a 9-year-old, but the company also offers full-coverage cotton underwear in a variety of fun prints and colors.

So that brought us to the question…is this mother way off base or are people overreacting to her story?

“On the surface, it doesn’t seem like a big deal to me,” Carson said. “I’m a parent. I have a daughter, a baby, but I certainly understand why people are getting irate because the idea of Victoria’s Secret seems so way beyond a 9-year-old.”

“The thought of bringing a 9-year-old girl into Victoria’s Secret seems very wrong to me,” Producer Angie said. “It’s very sexualized. If you walk in with your 9-year-old, do you have to explain what this little negligee is to her?”

Carson argued that with the way TV, movies, ads, and music are these days, there’s no escaping our over-sexualized culture.

“Why are we making it about cotton underwear? If parents want to have a discussion with their daughters about this, let’s leave the underwear alone. Have you seen a school let out recently? Have you seen the shorts girls are wearing? Short shorts! The shorts issue is much greater than the underwear issue!”

“I love Victoria’s Secret. I shop there, but I wouldn’t take my 9-year-old,” Producer Angie countered back. “There’s a store called Justice. It’s for tweens. You take them there. They have very age-appropriate [things]. Why would you want them to grow up so fast?”

Carson asked all you loyal listeners to weigh in on this heated debate and here’s what you had to say.

Margaret in Redlands has a 10-year-old and told Carson there’s no need to shop at Victoria’s Secret for her child when there are so many other great options out there.

“At the end of the day, it’s just cotton underwear,” she said. “But why when kids are growing up so fast and they are being exposed to things that are beyond their age group, why add more fuel to the fire?”

Juliana disagreed, saying children are drawn to the store because it offers so much more than just lingerie.

“It doesn’t have to do a lot with the sexuality of it, it has to do with the brand. They don’t only have underwear and negligees and thongs and really sexual items,  they have the perfumes and they have the lipsticks and they have the PINK brand.”

Victoria’s Secret offers cheap, high-quality, and cute underwear, Lourdes pointed out, which you can’t always find at the department stores.

“You can go to Kohl’s and you can go to Target, but I’m sorry, I’ve shopped for underwear and bras everywhere and Victoria’s Secret is just quality. You get quality underwear, you get quality bras. They don’t have to be skimpy and sexual and you don’t have to get them thongs.”

Carson was eager to hear from a dad on this issue and Tony in Walnut was certainly concerned about maintaining his child’s innocence.

“As a parent, we have to care for them and keep them from growing up so fast. You know, what’s the hurry? Let them be children and like other callers have said before, there are plenty of stores.”

  • Do you think it’s okay for tweens to wear underwear from Victoria’s Secret? Make your voice heard in our poll below!

Sarah Carroll, 97.1 AMP Radio/Los Angeles


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