Carson & Producer Angie Recap The Oscars!

The stars dazzled on the red carpet. Host Seth MacFarlane entertained the crowd with not only jokes, but singing and dancing too. The lucky winners graciously thanked those who helped them earn this honor.

The Oscars may be over, but now comes the fun part. Carson and Producer Angie are breaking down the awards ceremony and dishing about their favorite parts.

First things first, they had to settle who won the battle of the bets.

This year, Carson eked by with a win, accurately predicting four out of the five major categories. Producer Angie wasn’t too far behind, with 3 correct out of five.

Now that we’ve got that business out of the way, there’s one moment everyone’s talking about at the water cooler this morning. Jennifer Lawrence and her endearing tumble up the stairs on the way to accept her Best Actress Oscar.

“Jennifer Lawrence is the new bright spot in Hollywood,” Carson declared. “This girl can just do no wrong. Even falling, which is probably everybody, girl or guy’s, biggest nightmare. She couldn’t have handled it better. Every speech now, she’s like how Anne Hathaway was four or five years ago…Normal!”

“She could have easily fallen out of her dress,” Producer Angie added. “The way that she stepped on it, it could’ve gotten bad.”


Bonus points go to Hugh Jackman for rushing to help Lawrence get back on her feet, but she recovered like a champ!

Family Guy’s Seth MacFarlane hosted the show for the first time and got some pretty mixed reviews if you were following Twitter throughout the evening.

“Seth MacFarlane, I thought was good. I liked how he came out and got that kind of applause break for his very first joke about Tommy Lee Jones. I thought, ‘Okay, we’re off to a nice start,'” Carson told Producer Angie. “He didn’t seem nervous. He was very under control. Told some good jokes. I liked the way the first ten minutes went before the Shatner bit came on. And it just went on forever and all of a sudden it turned into like this 35-45 minute-long open.”

“I feel like Seth could’ve just opened up the show, warmed up the room. We all know it’s the toughest job in Hollywood. He got some really good laughs. That room seemed to be, I don’t know, on TV it played like they were laughing at his jokes and then just brought up the first presenter. We didn’t need all that extra stuff.”

“Is William Shatner hip again?” Producer Angie asked. “I was confused. I didn’t understand that.”


The show seemed to drag on in the middle during some of the less exciting categories.

“I like that they support documentary and short-form filmmaking. I think that’s important, but honestly, we just don’t need editing and sound mixing and score and cinematography,” Carson pointed out.

“There were about four awards in a row that I, because I watched it a little bit later, that I just fast forwarded through,” Producer Angie admitted. “You zone out.”

“They start with like Best Supporting Actor. I mean, it started off strong, first like hour you hook us and then it just loses you in the middle,” said Carson.

One moment that grabbed Carson’s full attention was one very special pair of presenters.

“My favorite part of the night was Ted,” he said. “I really enjoyed that.”


“How’d they do that? He like walked out and climbed up the stool! And his mouth was moving, it was amazing! Was it a remote control? Animatronic?” Carson wondered out loud. “I almost don’t want to know. It’s like Santa Claus. Gifts appear, cookies gone, good enough for me!”

  • What was your favorite part about last night’s Oscars? Let us know in the comments section!

Sarah Carroll, 97.1 AMP Radio/Los Angeles


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