Drybar Founder Alli Webb Tells Carson Daly All About Her Brilliant Blowout Biz!

If you’re a lady living in Southern California, chances are you’re obsessed with Drybar.

The blowout salon specializes in drying and styling your hair for only $35, which is much less expensive than what you’d be paying in an actual hair salon.

So if you’re in the mood to get all fancy, this is the place to start! Instant movie star glamor that’s actually affordable.

Co-founder Alli Webb dropped by the morning show to explain to Carson about how she came up with this game-changing idea.

Alli worked in the fashion and public relations industries before training as a professional hairstylist.

Over time, she became frustrated that there wasn’t a good place to get a quality blowout without paying an arm and a leg. She started her own blowout business where she did her friends’ hair at their homes.

“The big thing that I realized really was that when I couldn’t do their hair, they had nowhere to go. They could go to their salon and overpay or go to a discount chain and the experience was off, so I wanted to basically create the experience that was in their homes, but create a space.”

Eventually, her services were in such high demand, she expanded to a brick and mortar location and the rest is history.

Webb opened the first Drybar in Brentwood in 2010 and now three years later, she has 25 more locations (and counting).

“The first day we opened, it was insane! We had people waiting out, like lines out the door. We couldn’t believe it.”

Women just can’t get enough of Drybar because it offers the best accessory money can buy…confidence.

“It’s like affordable luxury. The thing is, when you get your hair done, when your hair looks great, you feel great and that’s what I think we tapped into. It’s the confidence that you get from a great blowout.”

And it’s more than just a place to get your hair did! The calming ambiance adds to the entire experience.

“It’s a total escape for women for like 45 minutes. They sit at a bar. There are bartenders, people attending to them. You know, we’re really big on customer service and pampering, making sure they feel great.”

Beauty on a budget doesn’t just apply to us regular folk. Drybar also boasts an impressive resume of celebrity clients, including Zooey Deschanel, Julia Roberts, Renee Zellweger, Cindy Crawford, Maria Shriver, and many more.

“That was actually a big surprise. We certainly weren’t going after that market,” she told Carson. “We figured they have their big fancy celebrity stylists and they pay whatever, but every week, we have amazing celebrities that come in.”

“What’s been one of the best parts about it is women are really rooting for us and we have such an amazing group of clients. You know, it’s the same thing with celebrities. They’re excited to be part of it and I’ve asked a lot of them, ‘How come you come in instead of having your big, fancy hairdresser?’ And you know, they’re just like anybody else. They don’t want to overpay.”

Carson wondered how other hair salons feel about Webb honing in on this niche market, but Alli thinks there’s enough demand out there for the both of them.

“I worked with some of the best salons in New York and I know the mentality. Stylists don’t want to do blowouts. They want to do haircuts and color when they’re in their salon because that’s where they’re making the money. I happen to love the blowout part of it. I couldn’t wait to get through the haircut so I could blowout the hair because that’s when you really got to make it look beautiful,” Webb explained. “I like to think that we’re a very different business. You know, we can all be friends.”

Now that Drybar has locations situated all across the United States, the company is setting its sights on a new frontier: styling products and tools.

“I wanted to create a product line that was really crafted for the perfect blowout and that’s what we’ve done,” said Webb. “It’s a lot of different products. There’s styling cream and they’re all, of course, in the bar vernacular. So like our hairspray is Money Maker, we have Detox dry shampoo, Cream Soda styling cream, 100 Proof treatment oil, and tools. We’re launching our signature blow dryer, Buttercup.”

So what are you waiting for? To find out where your nearest Drybar is, take a look at their website!

Sarah Carroll, 97.1 AMP Radio/Los Angeles


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