In the wake of the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, both our national and state governments are taking a much closer look at gun control legislation.

One proposed idea that caught Carson’s eye comes from Missouri. Lawmakers are trying to pass a bill requiring parents to notify their child’s school if they own a gun.

Will this actually help curb violence? It is legal to force people to report this?

Carson and Producer Angie dove head first into this hot button issue Thursday morning and it got a lot of you loyal listeners talking.

“I don’t think this is actually a very good bill,” Tiffany in Fontana told Carson. “The right thing to do is for parents to one, educate their children on guns. It’s the parent’s responsibility. It’s not the school’s. Parents need to take more responsibility on that kind of thing. And the second thing I don’t like about this bill is that this bill doesn’t do anything to get illegal guns off the street.”

Christine worries that children of gun owners could be unfairly bullied or singled out.

“My concern is that…if we have to report to principals and say, ‘Hey, we own guns,’ these kids might be stereotyped or singled out by groups or parents or the principal or different teachers or whatnot and they’d say, “Oh, this kid, they’re emo. They have purple hair. They wear black trench coats. They might be the next trench coat mafia.”

On the other end of the spectrum, Nina in Torrance says gun owners shouldn’t be offended because the kids should always come first.

“I think it’s sad that it has to come to this, but honestly, for the safety of the kids we have to do it because there are parents out there who are not in touch with their kids and they’re not knowing what’s going on with them…You have to see the bigger picture. It’s not about you, it’s about people killing kids around here and we’ve got to do something and if that’s what it takes, then I wouldn’t be offended. I would be glad.”

Jay in Fullerton feels the proposed bill goes a little too far, but she offered up a compromise.

“I agree with you, Carson. Maybe they should have somebody monitoring people as they do on airplanes in the classroom or maybe one officer in the elementary school for patrolling. I feel like if they pass that bill then you know what? It’s an invasion of privacy. How are you going to call and say, ‘Oh, your son’s been kind of moping around, are your guns locked?'”

Elise in Irvine also brings up a valid point. Why is this responsibility falling upon our overworked, under-funded schools?

“I think it’s really interesting that we’re putting so much emphasis on our school system to deal with problems that I think our law enforcement should deal with. That’s coming from a liberal’s perspective who doesn’t believe in owning guns, but I think that’s a lot for them to deal with.”

  • Do you think parents should be required to tell schools they own a gun? Sound off in the comments section.

-Sarah Carroll, 97.1 AMP Radio/Los Angeles

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