Is It Okay To Use A Groupon On A First Date?

Every now and then, Carson and Producer Angie like to engage in a friendly debate. Today’s topic? Using Groupons on a first date!

One of Producer Angie’s friends recently went on a first date with someone she had been set up with.

All was going well until the dinner bill came. He pulled out a Groupon to pay.

Angie insists that her friend is by no means a snob, but on a first date, it was a major turn off.

In fact, Producer Angie said her friend would probably rather pay for half the bill herself rather than seeing the guy whip out a Groupon.

When Producer Angie told Carson about the incident, he didn’t see a problem with it at all. He argued that the guy is probably just trying to save money and that her friend is being superficial.

The two of them couldn’t come to an agreement, so they asked all of you out there to chime in with your thoughts!

Kyle in Hemet was Team Carson all the way. “Actually, I have done that before myself,” he explained. “You know, the girls that I date. I did it one time and they didn’t have a problem with it at all. I think it’s worse for a guy throw his money around and try to show off rather than show he’s thrifty. I think that’s a good thing.”

Allison in Ontario, however, didn’t feel the same way. “That is so weird! It just makes you put out an antenna and just say this guy might be one of those cheap guys that isn’t going to pay for anything and isn’t going to buy you gifts, isn’t going to take care of you.”

We were beginning to think this was a difference of opinions based on gender, but Kenny in Granada Hills agreed that he likes to impress a girl on a first date.

“I mean, there’s got to be another way,” Kenny argued. “You don’t want to show on the very, very first date that you are, ‘Oh, I’m using this coupon, by the way.’ No, maybe second, third date you talk to her and make a little joke about it. ‘Oh, I got this Groupon. We should use it. Or we should go here.'”

Listen to the whole debate below!

  • Is using a Groupon on a first date a deal breaker or just thrifty spending? Sound off in the comments section!

-Sarah Carroll, 97.1 AMP Radio/Los Angeles

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