Waiting In Line For Your iPhone 5? Follow These Tips

Friday might as well be Christmas morning to us iPhone junkies.  The iPhone 5 will be available to buy in Apple stores across the country.  Hopefully you didn’t think you can walk on in to the Apple store on Friday when you get off of work, and pick one up.  YOU DON’T THINK THAT RIGHT?!?!

If for some reason you missed the online pre-sale, and have to be the first kid on the block with the latest and greatest, you’re going to need to be prepared.  Don’t worry, AMP has tons of experience waiting in lines.  Where do you think our Lady Gaga tickets come from?

Below are essentials you’ll need to keep yourself occupied while waiting in line with your tech savvy brethren.

An Alarm Clock

Don’t actually bring this with you.  Set it to go off as early as possible.  The Apple store opens at 10:00am.  You’re going to want to get there while it’s still dark outside.

Comfortable Clothes

Everyone’s attention will be on the Apple store, not your Manolo pumps.  Dress casual.  Wear some old Chucks that don’t hurt your feet, and a pair of jeans you don’t mind getting dirty by sitting on the ground.

See Pictures of iPhone 5 Lines Around The World

Snacks To Share

Once you’re in line, you’re not leaving.  The people on either side of you will become your iPhone 5 friend for life…or at least a few hours.  Don’t make it awkward by not sharing your Goldfish.  Bring a snack to offer to the people around you.  Who knows, they might even be cute.

You’re Old iPhone

You’re going to need that perfectly good iPhone 4s to listen to music, tweet out pictures of the line or get in a little Angry Birds.  Have we mentioned you’ll be in line for a LOOOONG time?

Get Someone Else To Wait In Line For You

Beyonce isn’t waiting in line like the rest of us.  She’ll send her assistant.  Since the majority of us don’t have personal assistants, we’ll have to rely on our poor friends who want to make a quick $50.  There are even services like Task Rabbit, where you can hire other people’s poor friends to wait in line for you.

There you have it.  If you follow this guideline, you should be set.  Remember no pushing and shoving.  Apple brought enough iPhone 5’s to go around…hopefully.

-AJ Gordon, AMP Radio/Los Angeles

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