Working as part of the morning show with Carson J. Daly, we get the pleasure of hearing the same songs over and over and over again many times during the week.

I often wake up each day with a different song stuck in my head and I have to find some way of beating it out of my brain, only to return to work and have it re-implanted back into my subconscious for the next day.

Sometimes the lyrics of these songs make sense and other times you wonder, how is this song a hit?

Take Tyga’s “Rack City,” for example. That’s not a song. It’s more like the sound your alarm clock makes in the morning when you’re super tired because you were out late the night before fighting crime. Why, you ask? Because when you were six your grandma bought you a cape for your birthday and you thought you were a superhero.

You’re taking to the streets to restore order to the city to make life better for the citizens, but then out of nowhere, your arch nemesis shows his face! What’s my move? Do I roundhouse karate kick him or do I drop low and sweep the legs and wrap him up in Reynolds Wrap?

What? I’m a real superhero, not like the ones in the movies. I can’t shoot nets out of my wrists, that’s just ridiculous! I have to improvise and Reynolds Wrap happens to be a key piece of weaponry for real life superhero crime fighters…duh.

Wait, off topic again, forget that last part. Anyway, the song is so bad you want to hit it with a sledgehammer!

Well, a young gentleman from Germany who calls himself “Flula” decided to share his thoughts on Maroon 5’s hit song “Payphone,” and I have to admit, I’ve shared some of the same thoughts about this particular song.

The floor is yours, Mr. Flula.

Also, check out Walk Off The Earth’s rad cover of “Payphone.”

Spend some more time with Surfer Stephen and his favorite viral videos by clicking on the links below!


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