In an interview with Canada’s CBC Radio, Joel Zimmerman, known to the world as Deadmau5, the always honest DJ/Producer talked about his unhealthy obsession with electronics as well his lack of fondness for dubstep.

Like any modern dance music producer, Deadmau5 is surrounded by electronics. Every minute spent awake is another one wired to a computer. When radio host Jian Ghomes asked about his obsession with the potentially unhealthy digital world he lives within, Deadmau5 admits “yes, it’s incredibly unhealthy. I have absolutely no social skills whatsoever. I know a few other artists that go into a studio, have a couple months to do an album and for the rest of the year they go to Fiji or wherever and I can’t do that. I cannot unplug. It’s not because I’m addicted to it like a drug… well, maybe I am.”

“You’d rather hang out with the person that’s on your screen than the person you’re with,” says Ghomes. “Yeah, yeah I suppose,” admits Deadmau5.

When asked about his feelings on dubstep and it’s mainstream domination, the DJ responds, “It’s a conduit now for previously mainstream pop acts to use. I’ve only ever made one dubstep track and I will admit I only did it because it was cool at the time… I’m not a fan of dubstep but I figured ‘Okay, well I’m sure I can engineer something that’s at least palatable or on par with the whole Skrillex thing that everyone is into so I said, fine, I’ll make a dubstep song.”

Deadmau5 digs deeper into selling out, “I sold out on that one track. That would be me admitting yes, I absolutely sold out because I did it for the popularity factor and that kinda thing. But now a lot of pop acts like she who shall not be named and a whole bunch of other people are going to use the whole dance/rave thing that died in 1992 that somehow got revived as mainstream dance music and they’re going to use that and sell it out and over-saturate it.”

Deadmau5 is reportedly friends with Skrillex. While walking the Grammys red carpet, he famously wore a t-shirt with Skrillex phone number across the chest. It will be interesting to see if the dubstep impresario fires back or just laughs it off.


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