Adele Still Shying Away From Spotlight-

Since Adele burst on the scene in 2008 with her critically acclaimed album 19, she has been trying to keep her music and personal lives very separate. After breaking records and sweeping the Grammy’s with her breakthrough album 21, that privacy is nearly impossible.

“I just want to make music, I don’t want people to talk about me. All I’ve ever wanted to do was sing,” the UK songstress told Matt Lauer of NBC. “I don’t want to be a celebrity. I don’t want to be in people’s faces, you know, constantly on covers of magazine that I haven’t even known I’m on.”

The singer got explicit when asked if the tables were turned and a former lover wrote a song about her. “I’d f****** s*** myself. I’d be mortified,” she exclaimed. “But also if they wrote songs about me, they’d be, ‘This song’s about Adele’. I’ve never given any names ever, but everyone’s going to know this song’s about me. No-one actually knows who my songs are about”

In fact when asked if she could “take some of it back” she replied, “Yeah, it’s hard…I do wish I’d kept a lot of things to myself, but I never knew the album was going to be so big. I will be more wary when I go into things now.”

We know she’s working on new music. We sincerely hope she’s able to spin her new ideas into more gold. But knowing the distinct talent she is, we know she can go even bigger!

Usher Says He Goes At His Ideas Like They Are “Genius”-

Sitting down with Q Magazine, Usher, who is making the rounds in support of his seventh studio album, Looking 4 Myself, spoke about how he lives his life with fervor and zest at every moment as well as his God-given good looks.

“I live every day like it’s my last. I approach everything I ever do as though it’s the most genius thing ever, regardless of whether it is or not.” Usher told the magazine. “I really do believe something incredible is happening every moment I’m able to continue to do this. So I wanna live in it. Enjoy every waking moment. And I really do.”

Oh, we know! Usher just stopped by AMP to speak with Carson and homeboy pulled up on a Ducati! If that isn’t living life to the fullest, well we just don’t know what is!

He goes on to talk about how being so attractive and desired can sometimes be a hassle (#hotguyproblems) he wouldn’t want to be well, not as hot. In fact, he feels it’s totally in his right to take advantage of his suave good looks and debonair charm.

“If I could turn [being] this good-looking down, I mean, I don’t know that I would,” said Usher. “I was fortunately blessed with these good looks, I may as well do something with them, you know what I mean?”

Yeah, Ush, we totally get what you mean..

Russell Brand Wants Out of Katy Perry Documentary-

Reports are surfacing all around the web in regards to the Russell Brand allegedly wanting scenes of him removed from Katy Perry‘s upcoming 3D Concert Documentary, “Part of Me: 3D.”

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that Brand wanted out because he was concerned of how he may come off to viewers. “He’s supposedly worried that some of his more caustic rants may come off as making him look bad — if they indeed are used in the film,” commented the Sun-Times.

Unfortunately for Brand, Perry and crew denied his request to be removed from the film. The “Wide Awake” singer recently told daytime host and comedian, Ellen Degeneres that she left her relationship with Brand, good and bad, in the film because it was real.

“I thought it was important to show everything in between. I think sometimes people think that we’re perfect and we know we’re not perfect, at all,” Katy said on Ellen.

Last we checked in with Brand he did not regret his relationship with Katy at all. The UK comic also spent time on Ellen’s show where he sung Katy’s praise and reiterated his love for her. “But, sometimes when you’re in a relationship I suppose it doesn’t work out, does it? But that doesn’t mean I regret it or anything.” he told the TV host. “I was very happy to be married with her. She’s such a beautiful human being and I just have only love and positivity for her.”

Let’s ask again after the movie debuts.

-Khellie Braxton, 97.1 AMP Radio, L.A. 


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