AMP Music Minute May 15th

Katy Perry Taking Vacation After Releasing Newest Single-

About a week ago, Katy Perry cleaned up at the NARM Music Awards, which is essentially an industry specific award show. NARM stands for National Association of Record Merchandisers, in fact. But more to the point. the 27-year-old singer won quite the award that night. She picked up the Artist of the Year Award and for good reason.

Katy, who has been squeezing every single she could out of her 2010 release Teenage Dream has been magnificent in continuing to push and market her music to the masses despite the fact that she didn’t even have an album release in 2011.

Perry rocked her new goth look (complete with purple tinted hair and black garb) and gave a speech worth remembering. Beyond thanking the board for her support she jumped right in to talking about how hard she had worked and how tired she was, but reiterated that it was well worth it. “I was looking at that reel and it’s been an incredible journey this past second record and then also the deluxe-well, special edition version of Teenage Dream. And I see why I was so exhausted,” she joked. “Cause I like working so hard. But it’s really so fun to work so hard because I love reaching my goals. I don’t know about you.”

From there continued, reading from a piece of paper. She recalled an anecdote on how she had reached her goal, citing her friend introducing her to Queen’s rock anthem “Killer Queen.” The speech ended valiantly and with many thanks. She even shouted out her label EMI, who is facing a merger with Universal, “Long live EMI!” she touted, before hunching into a light snarl, “You haven’t taken us down yet Universal.”

But most importantly for Katy, she announced that she was going on vacation, a well deserved vacation. As she gears up to release her next single, “Wide Awake,” which was written expressly for her new movie experience “Part of Me: 3D,” Katy said “I swear, after this song, I’m taking a f***ing vacation.”

Please do, Katy. Please do.

B.o.B. Recalls Meeting President Obama & his “Swag”-

Late in 2011 President Obama was on the campaign trail in search of support and funds for his campaign. Much of Hollywood and the entertainment industry have been backing Obama’s policies and doing whatever they can to lend a helping hand to the Commander-in-Chief.

Sitting down with an interviewer, Bobby Ray recalled his exchange with President Obama. “He came in, he was like ‘Nice sneakers.’ I was like ‘Hey man, nice swag.'”

Fortunately he was able to keep his cool  talking with President Obama. Also, we have to give points for complimenting the President’s swag. That was totally on our bucket list!

After they met, B.o.B. went on to rock the stage of the House of Blues. He and a few other celebrities and people wealthy enough to join in had the honor of eating dinner with the President that night. Plates were going for about $18,000 each, so it’s safe to say Obama made his fundraising goal that evening.

Rock the vote!

Coachella Announce Dates: Two Weekends Part Deux!-

Yesterday, the producers of the Indio Music Festival posted the dates of Coachella 2013 on their website. And lo and behold, they are going to weekend in a row again!

We can’t say we are truly surprised considering how well it sold this year. The concert was sold out in a matter of hours. And it’s all going o go down just like that again. Though patrons won’t know the lineup for months, they will either put down on the payment plan, which opens up this Thursday or buy their weekend 1 passes outright.

Weekend 1 will be April 12-14, 2013. And Weekend 2 will be April 19-21, 2013.

The line starts Thursday 10 PM PST for advance sales right here. But don’t worry if you don’t have it now, there will be a second round of passes released for sale in early 2013.

The founder and producer of the festival, Paul Tollett explains that expansions to the festival were made to fit demand. “We had too many people who wanted to go [in 2011],” Tollett told Billboard “We feel that [in 2012] there will be even more that want to go, so we’re trying to create more room for them. The options would be to sell more tickets on one weekend or have two weekends, and [the latter] is the option we went with.”

This year’s Coachella couldn’t have gotten much bigger. With headlines in Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre and a guest appearance by the late Tupac Shakur, we can only imagine how the artists will try to top that next year.

See you in Indio!

VIDEO: Tupac @ Coachella

-Khellie Braxton, 97.1, AMP RADIO, L.A.

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