“We’re in L.A. We can’t be any better than right here, right now.” Party-rap electro-pop group, Far East Movement, are all about their hometown.

Group member Kev Nish, the main spokesman for the group during interviews, showed off that he is “flossing a new L.A. Bass chain” and told AMP Radio’s McCabe that the theme behind their upcoming album, Dirty Bass, is to “represent L.A.”

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“We took the essence of just this street right here,” pointing to outside of the AMP Radio studios. “You know, rolling down Venice [Blvd], from the beach all the way to Downtown.”

“Bumpin’ that car stereo system with two 12-inch subwoofers, Alpine amplifiers in a 1989 Ford Escort,” continued the rapper. “We wanted that feeling, rolling through L.A., we wanted people everywhere around the world to kind of feel that. So, we took that approach with Dirty Bass.”

To get that mash-up dance-club vibe on Dirty Bass, Far East Movement also enlisted the help of producers RedOne and Dallas Austin, tourmates LMFAO, and teen icon, Justin Bieber.

Part of the reason Far East Movement began working with Bieber on “Live My Life” was a timely introduction to the Canadian pop star by Snoop Dogg after the band started getting disappointed messages from younger fans on Facebook and Twitter about how it was “messed up” that they couldn’t get into 21-and-over Far East Movement gigs full of “poppin’ bottles” when they are also “living the life.”

“No matter your sex, your race, your age, don’t matter: Who wants to live that life? This song is going to be for you all. And that’s what we set out to do,” explained Nish before doing an impression of LMFAO’s Redfoo asking if he could do a remix of “Live My Life.”

“Kids these days, they ‘workout,'” continued Nish, quoting LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It” while talking about the crossover from Bieber’s younger audience to Far East Movement’s much more adult one. “God bless them. They come in the masses. 17 million, 18 million Twitter followers. That’s kind of insane. We don’t know that many people. But, it’s cool that the audience is familiar with our work and accepting of what we do. It’s all love.”

Despite the jump in crossover popularity, Far East Movement doesn’t let these numbers get to their heads. Nish said the group “checks each other” and that everything between them is a “collaborative.”

“We’ve been homies from day one at the lunch tables together,” said Nish. “And when you’re around your friends all the time and you meet new people, whatever it is, you just keep it one hundred with each other. At the end of the day it’s a collective. We all have a snap back hat, Dirty Bass hat. We all put our secret ballots in.”

These “secret ballots” apply to their fans too. In order to figure out what songs would be best for Dirty Bass, the group just said, “Let’s make music. Something that we can wild out to and let’s make the people decide.”

“So, we tested all of our new record secretly at DJ Virman’s Dirty Bass night set,” continued Nish. “We’d go to the clubs, he’d be spinning, and we’d throw a record in. That was the gauge. Not, “Oh. Does it sound like ‘G-6?’ Does it sound like ‘Rocketeer?’ Nah, we let the people decide.”

This “organic” curation process also bleeds into their funky urban style.

“We keep our fashion as organic as our music,” said Nish when asked about Far East Movement’s stylistic choices. “Our music kind of inspires what we’re rocking, what we’re designing, and creating with our team.”

“We have an ill fashion design team here called Transparent Agency. We have all our stuff custom-made to fit the music and our moods, vibes with it,” elaborated Nish. “Right now, it’s all about that Dirty Bass. We took inspiration from that good golden era of L.A. and hip-hop and booty shaking music and bass. You know, that everlasting bass vibe, we wanted to bring that to life, so that’s a lot of the stuff that we’re rocking right now.”

“We’re not advertising anything. This is just what we rock, but we would love to one day hopefully come up with something that could be for sale or maybe for a giveaway for something cool.”

For now, fans can just get fashion cues from Far East Movement’s lively shows with LMFAO and the boys are excited to come home to play their hometown at the Staples Center.

“This is our first time doing almost an hour set for our hometown,” said Nish excitedly. “We’ll be doing a lot of the songs off Live My Life and this will be the first time for the LA audience to see Live My Life live. And new songs off the Dirty Bass album.”

Far East Movement also might hit up some of their favorite local spots in Los Angeles for an after-show snack.

“King Taco,” replied Nish when asked where he loves to nosh. “Of course, the Korean BBQ. Taco House Number One. If you like whiskey, The Association is nice. And Seven Grand. They got all kinds of different [whiskey.]”

“You just got to roll with us, man,” concluded Nash to McCabe. “You got to be ready to gain some weight though.”


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