AMP Music Minute March 27th

Usher To Play Sugar Ray Leonard in Forthcoming Film-

The “Climax” R&B superstar once hinted at being given the opportunity to play a “legend of our time,” and he has finally broken his silence on just who he will play. Usher has signed on to play boxer Sugar Ray Leonard in the upcoming film “Hands of Stone,” which tells the story of Panamanian boxer Roberto Durán.

Ush will take on double duty as he works out to get in shape for the role and works on his new album simultaneously. “I’m in preparation for a very incredible role,” Usher told the BBC. “If you see me in the corners boxing, I’m doing that while working on this album.”

Filming will begin later this year, which is also when Usher plans to release his seventh studio album. The first single  of the so far untitled album “Climax” is already on the charts.

[Source: Rolling Stone]

Dr. Dre Signs on to Horror Film “Thaw” (read: not working on Detox)-

One of Dr. Dre’s oldest friends and colleagues, Ice Cube was once asked why he thought Dre’s oft-delayed album Detox still hadn’t come out. He answered very simply “Would you rather sell someone some $300 headphones or a $10 tape?”

‘Nuff said.

Well we’re thinking Dre agrees with that logic, and so he’s dedicated his time to yet another project: the horror film “Thaw.”

Dre will act as a producer of the project with Crucial Films partner Daniel Schnider. And he tapped Vik Weet to help create the movie. Weet wrote another thriller about an investigation into an incident in which nine hikers were found mysteriously dead in Russian’s Ural mountains, known as the Dyatlov Pass incident.

Dre’s movie “Thaw” will focus on a story line about an “ancient evil that emerges from the rapidly melting ice in the Yukon.”

As for Detox, lots of other rappers keep saying it’s almost done or in the works, we say, the proof is in the pudding. But when it comes, we are first in line!

[Source:Hip Hop Wired]

Adam Levine Subjected to $100 Curse Jar on “The Voice”-

Mr. Levine likes to say what he thinks, even if it is sometimes explicit. So in an effort to curb his potty mouth, he and “The Voice” cast mate and friend, Blake Shelton will pay out into a “curse jar” anytime they curse.

Best part, is all the cursing cash goes straight to charity, 100 bucks, every time!

“I have a dirty mouth,” Levine told PEOPLE. “I curse a lot and I want to try to contain that a little bit.” When the show goes live next month he may institute a new policy.”I’ll have a little curse jar next to me. Every time we say a bad word, $100 goes to charity.” he said. “It will help us, it really will. Because we’ll end up giving a lot!”

No surprise that his best bro, Blake Shelton wanted to also better himself and give back, “I like that. I’m agreeing to it,” confirmed Shelton, “I will sign up!”

[Source: PEOPLE]

-Khellie Braxton, 97.1 AMP Radio

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