Justin Bieber Debuts “Boyfriend,” Talks About Growing Up, Hunger Games, & Justin Timberlake With Carson Daly!

In the entertainment business, there’s nothing more difficult than trying to make the graceful transition from child star to adult icon.

Few have succeeded, but Justin Bieber is now attempting to solidify his mark in pop culture history with his brand new track that dropped earlier today, “Boyfriend.”

It’s a completely different sound from his “Baby” days and this morning, he spoke with Carson Daly at AMP Radio about his growing pains.

I’m trying to just work through it and you know, puberty definitely happens. My voice has already changed…I can hit falsetto. I can’t hit the main note. That’s not my full voice that I used to be able to hit.

Bieber revealed that “Boyfriend” is all about him telling the ladies what he would do if he were their boyfriend, which naturally brings up the question: what does his girlfriend Selena Gomez have to say about all this?

She loves it. It is about her.

The song immediately catapulted to the top spot on iTunes, largely in part to the Twitter trending topic #BOYFRIENDonITUNES.

Mike Posner helped co-write the single and he’s just one of many collaborators Bieber’s lined up for Believe. Drake and Timbaland have also been helping out with the album.

Many have compared “Boyfriend” to Justin Timberlake’s solo career and Bieber talked about the pop star’s influence on him:

He did make a smooth transition from *NSYNC into his solo career, so that was remarkable. I can’t say anything about it…I want to be the best I can be. I’m not looking to Justin Timberlake and being like, “I want to emulate his career” or even look at Usher and emulate his. I just want to take pieces, and like I said, just build myself and make my own way and maybe the next artist can say, “I want to follow in Justin Bieber’s footsteps.”

And Carly Rae Jepsen may be one of those artists. Bieber explained why he felt it was important to support new talent:

That’s what it’s all about, paying it forward. That’s what I’m doing. As far as charity work, as far as giving back to the fans, giving back to people in general. This girl, she’s super talented and she deserved the chance.

His upcoming album, Believe, is scheduled for a summer release, but don’t expect the rest of the songs to sound like “Boyfriend.”

There’s so many different songs that are so different. This isn’t the style. It’s everything, man…I like a lot of different styles of music and I think that what’s so good about my music is, I’m able to just branch off and do different things. I love to just take different pieces from different people and put it into my music.

Soon after Believe hits stores, Bieber plans to head out on another world tour:

I’m going back to the whole world, everywhere…I like Japan. I like South America. In Japan, it’s crazy, but they’re so polite there. They literally stand in single file and go, “Ahhh!”

And despite all the massive world tours and crazy fans, Bieber tries to stay grounded. In fact, he was one of the many who lined up to see The Hunger Games this weekend.

He didn’t get any fancy treatment, unlike his friend Jaden Smith, and he jokingly called out Will Smith’s son live on-air.

At 12:45 (on Thursday night), I went and saw the movie and I just knocked out…I didn’t get it screened like Jaden did. He said, “Oh yeah, we’re screening ‘Hunger Games’ at my house. Me and my dad.” I’m like, “Alright, you just go screen it. I’m going to go watch it in the movie theaters like everybody else!”

Listen to the rest of Carson’s interview with Justin Bieber below:

Check out more photos from Justin Bieber’s AMP Radio visit here!

-Sarah Carroll, AMP 97.1


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