Lady Gaga’s Ex Lüc Carl Tells Carson Daly How He Lost 40 Pounds On His “Drunk Diet!”

Lüc Carl may be known for dating international pop superstar Lady Gaga, but it was he and Carson Daly who engaged in a little “Bad BRO-mance” earlier this morning on the AMP Radio airwaves!

It’s widely speculated that Lüc is the muse behind many of Gaga’s biggest hits and now he’s stepping out on his own with his memoir The Drunk Diet: How I Lost 40 Pounds…Wasted.

In his own words, Lüc explains how he lost the weight after years of living the indulgent party lifestyle.

As a bar manager, Lüc spent night after night drinking, smoking, and not paying attention to his diet. One day, he decided he had to make a change.

I just basically woke up one day and you know if you don’t watch it, you can just wake up fat. You look in the mirror and you’re like, “Oh my god, all those beers are catching up to me.”

Immediately, Carson felt he could relate. He lived a similar life while hosting MTV’s TRL and experienced the effects it had on his own health. Carson added that they have dating famous women in common too, but Lüc was quick to say that Lady Gaga was a different story:

I didn’t date a famous person. I dated a 19-year-old girl with a fake ID who became this gigantic anomaly in the world, so this is kind of a different story for me…We all go through it (break ups). It’s just that mine was somebody that gets played on the radio station quite often.

It’s hard to imagine what it would be like to date and break up with one of the world’s most famous celebrities, but Lüc seems to have taken it all in stride. In fact, he couldn’t help but make a special announcement to all the ladies listening this morning!

It’s ancient history. And for one thing, I know you’ve got a lot of girl listeners and I don’t want to lead them on and let them think that I’m not single and ready to mingle because I am!

He maintains that his decision to get fit and share his story had nothing to do with his high-profile break up. Instead, he got motivated while browsing through all the fad diet books at Barnes and Noble.

I read book after book after book…and I just had an epiphany…I decided that I could write something better than what all these doctors and experts were telling me to do because I’m not doctor or an expert, I’m a normal human being.

So how did Lüc drop the extra pounds? He became a hardcore runner.

We’re not talking about a few hours every day at the gym. He completed 4 marathons within the last year and logs at least 50 running miles a week.

I hated it too at the beginning and now I’m a marathon runner. But nowhere in the book am I saying you should run a marathon because that’s completely unrealistic. I’m telling you what I did and hopefully you’ll take something away from it.

He also quit smoking cold turkey nearly 2 years ago, but that doesn’t mean he’s had to abandon his rock star lifestyle completely. He assured Carson that he’s still “boozin’ like crazy!”

My main goal with the book is to make people laugh. I say the F-word 288 times. I definitely have a filthy mouth.

The Drunk Diet: How I Lost 40 Pounds…Wasted officially hit bookstores today. Lüc is having a book talk and signing on March 19th at Book Soup in West Hollywood at 7pm.

Listen to the rest of Carson’s bro-mantic conversation with Lüc below:

[Sources: New York Times & New York Post]

–Sarah Carroll CBS Local


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