Some rappers have big egos. Others have big bank accounts.

Sans ego and building up his bank roll, Big Sean has more than that: a big sense of faith, a big heart, and a big hit with “Dance (A**).”

The humble, eloquent hip-hop star joined AMP Radio’s Michelle for an exclusive interview where they talked about “Dance (A**)” (Big Sean didn’t like the song at first), meeting Trey Songz when they were both coming up, how the little signs from God have helped him keep his faith in tough times, and more! 

On touring with Trey Songz:

Michelle: Now, you’re on the road with someone else who is like one of my favorite sexy men right now, Trey Songz. That’s too much sexy on one stage. How’d that happen?

Big Sean: Me and Trey been homies for a while. Actually. I used to freestyle at a radio station weekly called the Friday Night Cypher where emcees would come and battle each other. Whoever would win the battles–there’d be like five winners–would get to rap on the radio.

So, one week, Trey was up there–and this was back when he was promoting his first single. He was skinny as sh*t. He was skinnier than me. And, like, braids, you know what I’m saying?…Back then, he was there listening to me rap.

“Man, you cold. Hopefully I see you there at the top.” I was like, “Yeah.” And he was like, “I rap too.” I was like, “You rap?” Because I’d only heard his one song. I respected his grind, you know, just for putting out mix tapes. That’s a similar story to me. Similar story to J.Cole, Wiz...He did a similar grind to all of us, so I respect him more than anything and it’s tight that he keeps progressing.

On coming up: 

BS: My whole life is from surreal to so real. It’s tight. Meeting my idols from ‘Ye to Jay to sitting here with NO I.D. to doing songs with Beyonce. Being at the forefront as one of the new guys in hip-hop, you know, it’s great.

I’ve got a lot to prove to. I’m still a newer artist coming into the game, so I got a lot of marks to make, a lot of things to conquer, a lot of points to prove. I’m sure it will happen though. I’m 23-years-old.

bigseanpost Big Sean Talks About Coming Up, Being Broke & Keeping The Faith In Exclusive Interview With AMP Radios Michelle

Advice for aspiring rappers or entertainers:

BS: My advice is to just believe in yourself. When you believe in what you see with your own eyes…Doing what I did was a real test to my faith, man. There’s times when I didn’t believe in myself; there’s times when I wanted to give up; I felt like it was taking too long. But I always had that vision.

I always accepted the little signs that God gave me to let me know that I was on the right track. The big breaks, the little breaks, everything.

So, you just got to believe in yourself; keep that faith. Believe in it more than anything. Follow your heart. You know, you never wanna look back wishing you woulda, coulda, shoulda done anything.

I always tell this story. I told it at my last concert. After I was signed  to Kanye, you know, I got a little advance. It was before I signed to Def Jam. And, I spent my last forty dollars at a studio session. I was broke as hell. It was like five in the morning. I was stressed out. I was smoking weed. I was mad, y’know what I’m sayin’?

All I wanted in the world was an Egg McMuffin. That’s the only thing I wanted at the time. So, I went to McDonalds. I didn’t know how I was gonna pay for this because I just spent my last money, so I was thinking maybe I got to scrape change up around my car and I ordered the food.

I got a number two with an extra hash brown, I rememeber. Pulled around and the guy had the food right there and he handed it to me and was like, “Have a nice day” without me paying for anything. It was like he knew I didn’t have money.

What I took that as was God saying, “Hey man. I know you’re on the right track. I know times is hard, but, Yo, you’re doing the right thing man.” And I just always looked at little signs and things like that when you’re following your heart and doing what you love to do, you gotta make sure you pay attention.

Or else you’re going to give up.

  • Want to hear more of what Big Sean has to say? Watch the video above for the full interview! 

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