Afrojack just stopped by AMP to hang with McCabe and debut his new song with Shermanology called “Can’t Stop Me.”

If you missed it, do not worry about it because we’ve got it right here for you to have a listen.

Stream it, enjoy it, share this with your friends so you can all party together. You know, the usual.


Ok let’s get to it!

On his height:

McCabe: You’re actually a very, nice tall gentleman. How tall are you?

Afrojack: 6’10”

M: 6’10”! I think I’m like 5’9″.

A: I think it’s like 11″ difference?

M: I think so. If you weren’t being a DJ would you play basketball or a sport where you can tower over everyone and dominate?

A: I’m really more of an artistic kind of guy. I just like to create stuff. But, I also like to play some basketball every now and then.

On David Guetta, Will.I.Am, and the popularity of dance music in America:

M: I think artists like you and David Guetta have really opened the doors for a lot of this music to be on Top 40 radio.

A: Yeah, I think mainly David and Will started it because David and Will was like the first collaboration between pop and dance music.

And then after that, there was a whole new era of people who started knowing about dance music. And that’s how dance music became way bigger in America over the last couple of years.

On his love of fast cars:

M: And now, I’m sure you don’t have a Suzuki anymore. What are driving now?

A: In Holland, I have a European car. It’s a German car. It’s an Audi RS6.

M: That’s nice and spacious. I know you were talking about that’s a car you can be comfortable in.

A: Here I drive a Nissan GTR. It’s a 3-second zero-to-sixty car. It’s the second fastest world production car. I like fast cars.

On working with Paris Hilton:

M: You’re working with a lot of different people. You said that you’ve just finished up Paris’ album? How did it turn out? Is it exactly how you guys wanted it to be? Is it going to be like that dance album as well?

A: No, you have to understand, if you do an album for someone like Paris–and I’ve never done an executive production project–and this is my first one.

I started off with Paris’ album. Who’s famous for other stuff and everyone thinks, ‘Yeah, press is talking sh*t about her. They say she can’t sing.'”

Actually, I’ve known her now six months; she’s really great and one of my best friends. And she can also sing really well and she does all her vocals herself. Unlike some really big other artists in the whole world who don’t do their own lyrics and songs.

On his new album:

A: Basically, my album is a combination of all my old inspirations and my own sound. Just try to crete a awhole new style of music basically. I want people when they buy my album, I want them to listen to me, what I feel. Lik eonly me and everything I’ve been through through music. All my inspirations and that’s basically what eventually comes out of me.

So, it’s going to be only Afrojack music. I’m not making any concessions to go pop or censor f**k, sh*t, whatever. I’m not doing this album to make money. I’m making this album because I have a lot of fans and I want to give those fans something that they can be proud of.

On Coachella:

M: What do you think of the two weekends this year for Coachella? Do you plan on sticking around for the entire week

My agent’s back there somewhere. She said, ‘ Yeah. Play some colleges in between and fly out to Coachella Saturday to go do a college there…I want to. I want to have a party with those guys, but I also want to see all those acts. I’m just a guy who’s playing.

M: You’re a fan of the music as well.

A: Of course. That’s how I started getting into it. I remember three, four years ago I was walking around Ultra running from stage to stage. I saw Deadmau5 when he still was playing a side stage and it was dope…And I went home.

And I was inspired.

  1. jayycam says:

    afrojack is GOD. I’ve seen him at edc 2010, 2011, & Escape From Wonderland. killed it each time. he’s been one of my favorites since the beginning & continues to deliver! keeeeep em comin

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