Last night there was a conversation between me and my roomies about our favorite food jingles of all time. One that came up was an entire song about eating pizza at every chance you could get.

Another was just plain weird with googly-eyed creatures singing about a pepper bar. There was a cool one that inspired an actual spin-off song by[lastfm link_type=”artist_info”] Justin Timberlake[/lastfm].

The commercial that started it all: What she order? JUMBACO! That Jack In The Box commercial is not only ridiculous but has become the main joke with my roommates.

I even asked you on-air to come up with a remix that I like to call “Jumbacos In Paris” (I think you can guess what song that’s a parody of).

Can you guess what made our top 5 list? Let’s get started…

Mmmm… chocolate. This next one has been stuck in people’s heads for decades. You still see Kit Kat Bar commercials all over TV and if someone right now said “break me off a piece of that” you KNOW what to answer next.

I didn’t even know that the jingle has been used for this long! Check out a more recent commercial. They don’t actually sing the song but don’t need to since it’s already been sealed tight in your memory for the rest of time.

Now, when this jingle came out I don’t think any of us knew what the hell was going on. The weird creatures (that are apparently called “spongemonkeys”) with crazy eyeballs, guitars, and singing about a pepper bar about a brand new place called Quizno’s?

What does that even have to do with sandwiches? Well, it apparently worked because even years and years since this aired, we remember it. Donald Draper would be proud. That was a “Mad Men” joke, btw.

Celebrities endorse a lot of products but one of the most memorable ones for me was when [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Justin Timberlake[/lastfm] crooned so sexy in a McDonald’s commercial.

The McD’s jingle is already catchy but throw Mr. Sexyback on top of it AND write an entire song about “lovin’ it”? Well done, burger shop. Well done. I still don’t know what they’re lovin’ but I’m lovin’ JT so everyone is happy.

Justin doesn’t actually appear in that commercial but he released an ACTUAL spin-off song with a video and everything. I hope he got a lifetime supply of those 99 cent apple pies for this.

When a food song gets so popular it makes it into “The Office” you know it has to make it on this list. I haven’t seen this on commercials anytime recently, and I haven’t actually had baby back ribs there but the Chili’s song about them has been stuck in my head forever.

No contest, the most memorable food jingle we could think of was the Pizza Bagel commercial. How can you not love a song that basically tells you that it’s ok to eat pizza ALL DAY LONG? You know you know the entire song by heart, too.

Here are some honorable mentions:

*Goldfish Crackers
I love fishes ‘cuz they’re… wait… Fishes? What’s with the bad grammar?

*Oscar Mayer
To this day, the only reason I know how to spell “bologna”.

I totally remember this exact commercial! Well… without the weird man not speaking English at the end.

What are some food songs that YOU remember?


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