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OMG!!!! Katy Perry has added a second show the night after her sold-out November 22nd concert! She wanted to give back to her fans, and say thank you to them for all of their amazing support throughout the years. She’s calling it Katy Perry Gives Thanks which is a filming of her final concert of the sold out California Dreams 2011 Tour!

She made the announcement today on the Ellen show:

I am giving thanks to all of my fans. I want to finish it off by renting out the Staples Center myself and giving a free concert to anyone in the world that wants to come to the California Dreams Tour as my last show.


The show will be filmed so everyone is encouraged to recreate their favorite Katy Perry look as they may be featured on camera.

For information on how to join Katy for this special event, go to between now and November 14th.

HURRY Katy Cats!! Go now go!!

Comments (29)
  1. alma says:

    i hope i get to gooooo!!
    ive been wanting to go for so long

    1. Sasha Huff | Webmaster says:

      did you go to her facebook page and sign up!? We hope you get to go too!!

      1. alma says:

        yeah i did already im just waiting for a replyyy(:

      2. Sasha Huff | Webmaster says:

        we will keep our fingers crossed for ya!

  2. alma says:

    Thank you so muchhh(:!!!

    1. Sasha Huff | Webmaster says:

      Hello. At the bottom of the post it says to go to Katy Perry’s facebook page. All the details are there. 🙂 good luck!

  3. alma says:

    how do i know if i get to gooo??

    1. Sasha Huff | Webmaster says:

      This is what it says in the rules on her Facebook page: SELECTION OF REGISTRANTS: On or about November 16, 2011, up to 11,000 individuals will be selected at random from all of the eligible registrations to receive an email with a pass code that allows the recipient the chance to obtain passes/tickets to the Event (“Admission Ticket”) on a first come, first served basis, limited by availability and venue capacity through a designated website and at a specific time as provided in the email. Seating assignments will be randomly chosen and recipients of Admission Tickets will not be able to select seats. Follow the instructions in the email for logging on to the designated ticket website and entering the pass code. The pass code will allow up to four (4) passes to be obtained, but only if available. Receipt of a pass code does not guarantee receipt of an Admission Ticket. Odds of being selected to receive a pass code depend on the number of eligible entries received during the entire Registration Period. Admission Tickets are available to pass code recipients on a first come, first served basis and will go quickly. Receipt of a pass code only gives the recipient the chance to get up to four (4) Admission Tickets on a first come first served basis.

      1. alma says:

        oh thanksss(:

  4. i hope i can go ive been really wanting to see her

  5. alma says:

    when do they start giving out the codes??

    1. Sasha Huff | Webmaster says:

      Hi Alma – Everything you need to know is in the contest rules on her Facebook page. We do not have that info. Thank you!

  6. alma says:

    ohh thanks anywayys

  7. alma says:

    do u know why it wont let me see the tickets that are avaiable???

    1. Sasha Huff | Webmaster says:

      Hi Alma – Unfortunately, we do not. We are not hosting this contest, this is through Katy Perry we are just helping to spread the word.

  8. I got a code for free tickets but did not use it before 10AM today. Now all the tickets are gone. AMP can you help me out? My friends and I really wanted to go.

    1. Sasha Huff | Webmaster says:

      Hey Joseph. We are doing ticket giveaways all weekend long and have another pair on We can’t hand them out, but you should definitely try to win them!

  9. Chloe McDougal says:

    OMG my two friends and i love u so much..

  10. Chloe McDougal says:

    I would love to Katy Perry Concert because well my friends and i love u so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My favorite song is E.T

  11. Chloe McDougal says:

    I really want these tickets..

  12. Katie Petereson says:

    I really want tickets…. (:

  13. Katie Petereson says:

    I would like wet myself if i got these tickets..

  14. susana carranza says:

    How do i know where i am sitting? i receive tickets but not sure where my seats are

    1. Sasha Huff | Webmaster says:

      Hi Susana – We are not conducting this event. Unfortunately, we do not have specific answers such as seating arrangements etc. Sorry about that!

  15. Madison says:

    hey there! i went to the concert and 97.1 amp radio took my picture and said i could look it up later on the website. i was holding a banner? where can i find those pictures???

    1. Sasha Huff | Webmaster says:

      Hi Madison. We will post pictures on Monday.

      1. Madison says:

        thank you!!!

      2. Madison says:

        where are they????

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