Justin Bieber came in last week to talk with us about his new Christmas album, Under the Mistletoe. Since it just came out today, we wanted to give you a little glimpse into what Justin had to say about it. He even gives us details about his new album! Be excited ladies, because it’s coming soon!

Justin seemed like he was in good spirits with the release of his Christmas album, and well rested after taking a little break from the chaos. He spoke about the low key lifestyle he has been leading lately, and what we can expect from him in the future.

Here is a little sneak peak of what is in the video:

Booker: Who imposed rest upon you?

Justin: My mom and I were both like yo, Im going to be run down and be sick of it if I keep going going going. Plus at the beginning I had to. I wanted it so bad. I wanted to be where I am now, and I want to stay where I am so I gotta to continue to work hard to be successful.

Booker: Any regrets?

Justin:  No regrets. None at all. I feel everything happens for a reason so I think that everything has been pretty straight forward.

Booker: Do you feel like you’ve missed anything in your life? I mean this pace, I don’t know how you keep it up.

Justin: It’s a lot of fun man. Sometimes it can be overwhelming and stuff but at the end of the day I have a blast doing it. And I know my family loves watching me and my fan loves watching me so I do it for them.

 Booker: You’ve got a Christmas album coming out. What inspired you to do this?

Justin: I wanted to do a Christmas album last year but it just never happened. I haven’t put out an album in a year. My fans really want to hear a lot of new music and they haven’t and I knew my new album wouldn’t be done by the end of Christmas, so I wanted to give them some new music to listen to. And I think its fun. Christmas songs are fun.

Booker: How do you decide who to work with?

Justin: It’s really about working with everybody and then picking the right songs. I’m going to work with so many different people that would be weird that I wouldn’t normally work with until I find something. And then once I start finding something that I’m really comfortable with and I’m like yo I want to start doing this and going to that level, I’ll go to different producers and say, Listen this is what I want and ask if they can make something for me that’s on this level. From there I’ll start making the music and finish the album and hopefully start something new.

Booker: There is no time table for this is there?

Justin: No, but right now we will probably be releasing it in Feb/March

Booker: So you have a lot of songs finished?

Justin: We’ve got a couple, but I’m going to be recording from now until then.

Booker: So you’re not taking a break?

 Justin: No, no I’m not taking a break. I’m slowing down. Its not a total break, but its not wake up at 7 doing interviews until 12 then do a show and then go back. And flying commercial from each place everyday is exhausting.

Want to know what a day in the life of Justin is these days? Watch the interview! And don’t forget to pick up YOUR copy of Under The Mistletoe, in stores NOW!

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  1. R. says:

    UnderTheMistletoe is amazing . Justin I ❤ you

  2. ryley says:

    WOW!! so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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