We’re officially in Halloween mode here at AMP.

To get everyone into the spirit, Carson invited medium A.J. Barrera to the studio this morning so he could communicate with “the beyond.”

We were all super stoked to see if he could feel any presence, but then it all got a little freaky when he pulled ME out of the crowd!

A.J. is one of the youngest and most accredited mediums in the industry.

What exactly does he do? He can sense spirit energies, communicate with dead people, and help the living reconnect with loved ones who have passed.

He also stars on mun2’s reality show, From Beyond. Basically, he and a couple other paranormal investigators go into homes and other locations that are experiencing paranormal activity armed with detectors and electronic devices in order to explain or debunk the strange occurrences.

From Beyond is nearing the end of its first and very successful season. Carson’s fascinated with the series and wanted to get A.J. inside the studios to find out if anyone was haunting AMP Radio!

When A.J. mentioned he was feeling a presence, I was the last person I thought he would call out! But we were all curious to find out what he had to share…

I’m actually drawn to this girl here back in the corner…I definitely see a lot of purple energy around you. Purple energy is about spiritual and also a religious type of energy. So I definitely feel like you’re very intuitive, you’re very open to receiving information.

Hmm…that’s news to me! But it got freakier when he told me about someone trying to contact me from the other side!

But I’m also connected to your dad’s side of the family. I don’t know if you know your Dad’s side of the family pretty well, but I have to bring up [your] Dad’s Dad.

Little did he know, my paternal grandfather had passed away before I was even born!

He’s coming through. He wants to open up and wants to let you know that he’s here for you.

Crazy! But A.J. assured me that all is well and my grandpa is not the haunting type.

He’s on the other side. Basically it’s a transition. There’s no golden gates, there’s no Hollywood carpet, there’s none of that stuff. It’s pretty simple, we’re all made of energy, so we all think of ourselves as having a physical body.

But A.J.’s work was far from over. He was then kind enough to take some of your calls about paranormal activity going down in SoCal!

a j barrera 2 Medium A.J. Barrera Stops By AMP To Chat With Carson & The Ghosts Of AMP Radio!

Photo by Sarah Carroll // AMP Radio

AMP Radio listener Holly called in about a distant relative who had passed away. She keeps dreaming about being at a gathering with this relative and in the dream, she’s trying to feed her, but the relative won’t accept it.

A.J. had some insight on what this could all mean.

It could be a visitation, to be quite honest. You’re in a lucid state of mind where you’re conscious and you’re aware of it, so you’re kind of having an out-of-body experience…Talking about this feeding thing, it could be either one, she was maybe dehydrated towards the end of her passing and she was unable to eat. Or two, maybe she was known for cooking. It could be something relating to that nature.

Seriously…we’re getting goosebumps!

Listener Liz has been experiencing a ton of weird activity in her home, items mysteriously appeared in different rooms, she’s been hearing loud footsteps around the house, and there’s some weird knocking sounds in her bedroom.

It’s gotten so bad that she cried out, “Please stop!” That seems to do the trick, but she wants to know why her house is being haunted by some restless ghost.

You were actually talking about things moving around. They’re actually called apports, where the spirits actually move things. You having this energy in your home could be connected with your energy, which you’re attracting from your lifestyle because a lot of things are crazy in your life right now.

Then, from just over the phone, he was able to read that Liz’s grandmother had passed away from something pancreatic and also a male in her or her boyfriend’s family died from a traumatic event.

He’s actually coming through, he wants to validate, “I’m over there with your grandmother figure on separate levels.” And it’s just a way of validating. They want to send their love.

A.J. offered her some tips on how to slow down all the intense presence manifesting itself in her house:

Ground yourself, sage your home, sea salt, holy water. Things of that nature.

Wow! Somebody get us some sage..and FAST!

To hear Carson’s entire interview with the amazing A.J., take a listen below:

Make sure to check out A.J.’s show, From Beyond, which airs on Sundays at 10pm/9c on mun2.

  • Are you a believer in all this paranormal stuff? Tell us why or why not in the comments!

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Comments (5)
  1. winnedoggie says:

    I’ve had a reading with AJ twice in the last 8 years and he never dissapoints. The young man is super talented and he has a way to be kind to those grieving. I’m so honored to have met him.

  2. Norma says:

    how can we talk to him???

    1. Sasha Huff | Webmaster says:

      Hi Norma, if you go to his website you can book readings with him.

  3. Jennifer says:

    This is one of the BEST INTERVIEWS I have ever heard! Acclaimed Celebrity Psychic Medium & Intuitive Counselor A.J. Barrera and Carson should definitely have a radio segment featuring guest A.J. Barrera! This was extremely amusing, insightful, and enjoyable!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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