Halloween is right around the corner, which means it’s time for the painstaking back and forth of what to wear as your costume. To make it a little easier on you, AMP has decided to give your some of our best ideas for both single peeps and couples this Halloween. This week, we’ve got you covered with a costume idea that can work for couples, best friends or anyone going out as a pair Halloween night.

As you can probably tell, we love LMFAO around here and party rocking happens to be a specialty. With the guys helping us go Pink For October at our Pink At The Palladium Masquerade, we had to show them a little love and make our first halloween costume post about the kings of shuffling: LMFAO.
We are going to show you how to recreate both of the boys incredibly wild looks. First up, Red Foo:

redfoo mike coppola How To Dress Like LMFAO For Halloween

Photo by Mike Coppola // Getty Images

Step One: The Hair

You’ve got to get the perfect wig. Red Foo has one of the best afro’s we have ever seen, so make sure you do it justice. He really lets it go wild, so don’t be afraid to do it up big. Here is one that we love.

Cost: $15.99 – $19.99

How To Dress Gangnam Style For Halloween

Step Two: The Shirt

This part is easy, and you’ve got a few options. You can go straight to the source and buy an official LMFAO t-shirt. This is a win-win because you’ve got part of your halloween costume PLUS a new kick ass shirt to wear afterwards, but we understand the need to keep costs down, so you can also find any shirt with big neon print on it and you are good to go. Head to Good Will, you are sure to find something there. Cut the sleeves off, and you’ve got your Red Foo shirt!

Cost: $5.oo – $25.00

Step Three: The Pants

Get yourself some animal print jeggings or leggings. The Party Rock Crew always has some animal print on, so its a must. The brighter the better, and if you can afford to make them┬ámetallic, do it. You’ve still got time to order online, so get to searching!

Cost: $15 – $30

Step Four: The Glasses

A staple accessory for the Party Rock Crew are their glasses. Buy the cheapest pair of neon sunglasses you can find, and pop the lenses out of them. Done and done.

Cost: Free – $5

Step Five: The Bling

The outfit wouldn’t be complete without some bling, so stock up on the cheap stuff. Halloween stores have everything from dollar sign rings to baller fake gold chain necklaces so have fun with it.

Cost: $5 – $10

Finish the look off with any pair of sneakers, some triangle penciled in (or shaved) side burns, paint your arms with crazy colors and BOOM, you are Red Foo himself.

Next up, Sky Blu.

PAGE 2 How to dress like Sky Blu for Halloween

LMFAO wouldn’t be complete without Mr. Sky Blu. The younger nephew of Red Foo (yes, it’s true) makes up the other half of this awesome duo and lucky for us they dress a lot alike.

Step One: The Hair

While Sky Blu also has some lovely locks, he tends to wear his hair a bit longer and sleaker than his uncle so if you don’t have long curly hair, we suggest getting yourself a long curly wig and cutting it to shoulder length. If you are a dude, don’t be afraid of buying a wig for a lady and giving it a hair cut.

Cost: $15.99 – $19.99

Step Two: The Shirt

Again, feel free to purchase an official Party Rock Crew t-shirt, or for this look, just grab a long sleeved black t-shirt!

Cost: $5 – $20

Step Three: The Pants

Sky Blu loves him some bright colors, so go get yourself a pair of colorful pants. The brighter, the better. It shouldn’t be hard to find something affordable because brightly colored pants are all the rage right now.

Cost: $10 – $20

Step Four: Bling, bling and more bling!

Just like his uncle, Sky Blu loves his bling. So while your out buying stuff for the Red Foo costume, pick up some extra bling for Sky Blu.

Cost: $5 – $10

Step Five: The Glasses

We feel like we are repeating ourselves here, but these boys are pretty similar. Get another pair of cheap sunglasses, and pop the lenses out. Look around your house before buying a pair, you may have something laying around that will work for this part of the costume.

Cost: Free – $5

To finish the look, add some funky facial hair, a backwards hat, two different colored shoes and you are Sky Blu.

Extra Costume Idea: Be LMFAO’s Bikini Girl! All you need is a polka dot bikini girrrrrrrrrrrl. And you are done!

  • Check back every week leading up to Halloween for more costume ideas from AMP!
Comments (3)
  1. Briana says:

    What does sky blu ‘s shirt say in the party rock anthem video ?

  2. Brianna says:

    where could I fine animal print pants?

    1. Sasha Huff | Webmaster says:

      We would suggest trying places like Forever 21, Macy’s, H&M. If they dont have pants, you could get tights and wear them under some shorts! The look would still make sense. Good luck!

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