[AMP Exclusive] Carson Daly: Forget The Rumors, Christina Aguilera Is Returning To “The Voice”

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Yesterday, a dirty little rumor sprung up that producers for The Voice were planning to axe [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Christina Aguilera[/lastfm] from the coaching line up after the conclusion of its second season.

Well we at AMP Radio wanted answers, so who better to ask than the host of the show (AND our morning show guru) Carson Daly?

What’s fact and what’s false? Hear the truth straight from the horse’s mouth!

Contrary to reports, producers couldn’t be more pleased with [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Christina Aguilera[/lastfm] and her work on The Voice.

Among the false complaints, sources say the pop star doesn’t spend quality time with her own contestants, she doesn’t “participate,” she brings her boyfriend with her on set all the time, and they even go as far to say that she’s drinking on the job!

[pullquote quote=”I would tell you the 100% truth. If she was a diva, if she was a pain in the ass, I’ve got nothing vested. I’d tell you. I’d tell you right now.” credit=”Carson Daly on Christina Aguilera”]

What does Carson have to say about that? False, false, false and FALSE!

He set the record straight this morning on AMP Radio. As for her relationship with her contestants, he says she’s completely hands-on:

I think she spent more time with her contestants, her team, the girls, than anybody else.  [It] may not have been on the set, but she was on the phone with them, working out what songs they were going to do. Adam might have spent more time, but [she’s] top two. She spent more time than Cee Lo or Blake, for sure.

Okay, item number 2: Christina doesn’t “participate?” Also not true.

Some of the rehearsals she’s not at.  Like some of them that I’m at, she’s really not needed. We’re doing what we call look-sees and blocking and camera, so they’ll have a stand in, but it’s quite common.  She’s there for all the dress [rehearsals] and all the stuff that she has to be there for. 

christina aguilera kevin winter getty images [AMP Exclusive] Carson Daly: Forget The Rumors, Christina Aguilera Is Returning To The Voice

Photo by Kevin Winter // Getty Images

Carson then dispelled rumors about Christina’s boyfriend Matt hanging around at The Voice.

I can count on one hand how many times Matt was on the set. I bring my girlfriend way more than I’ve seen her boyfriend.

[pullquote quote=”We give her a hard time for NOT drinking on the job!” credit=”Carson Daly on Christina Aguilera”]

Finally, he hilariously put to rest the most troubling subject: the matter of Christina drinking on set:

We give her a hard time for not drinking on the job! Me and Adam and Cee Lo and Blake, we always are hanging out and drinking beers or whatever and we’re always trying to get her to come and join us, but she’s busy picking out outfits! So there’s no truth to it all, none whatsoever.

Well there you have it! Get the full 411 by listening to the audio clip below!

  • What’s your take on the situation? Do you believe Carson? We want to hear what you think in the comments!

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One Comment

  1. Jesse says:

    I don’t know why Carson and NBC try to spin it. Most of the contestants from season why already said that Aguilera was distant to them when off camera. She was only faking it on camera. There wasn’t a rumor it was true yet NBC kept denying that Aguilera was distant. There was an article about how she texted during Dia’s performance one time so rude. I guess NBC and Carson is just trying to save viewers cause more viewers would be turn off by the show if she’s still around for second season and have bad rep.

    1. Jose says:

      ok STOP Jesse with that! I was actually at a few tapings, YES Christina was pretty quiet, but she was sweet, off camera always joking around with Blake and waving at the audience. I even met her a couple times when she was on tour and she was super sweet. The time you allege that she was “texting” during Dias performance was actually bc she was tweeting during the show, and ALL of the coaches were tweeting actually and were encouraged to do so, she was complimenting her proteges and I saw and witnessed first hand how much she cared about her teammates. Also after the show was over, yes, she would dip out earlier than the rest bc, and I overheard her telling her assistant how she couldn’t wait to see Max, which i’m pretty sure is her son. I never understand why people just LOOVE to talk so much and make up soo much crap about Christina. She is hands down the most vocally talented out of all of todays “pop” stars and is very underrated in my opinion.

    2. Luis says:

      WTF are you talking about? What is wrong about Christina being “distant” hahaahhaahaha do they actually expect Christina to spend her whole day behind everybody, talking to anyone that pleases to have a word with her?? She has a baby, a business to run and many other more important things to do than “not being distant” because some dumb people get offended. And Christina texting during Dia’s performance? Who wouldn’t do that? that bitch was BOOOOORING, such a snooze fest!

      So now people call Christina a bad person because she is “distant”… Hahahahahahaha GTFO

  2. @Jesse

    No. Christina wasn’t texting while Dia was performing. She was tweeting, the producers told them to tweet out while watching the performances.

    All of the contestants in Christina’s team had NOTHING BUT NICE things to say about her.

    For exmaple, A quote from Frenchie Davis talking about Christina:

    “I think America is going to be pleasantly surprised to see that she’s a really insightful coach and she’s really invested. She really gives a damn and she really is invested in helping us all grow into better singers and better performers.”

  3. DVnoart says:

    Carson’s awesome, and Christina is excellent on THE VOICE. Only true icons have people obsessing about their BACKstage lives.

  4. mar says:

    Love you carson thank you for defend christina…i dont know why the press are so mean whit her….iam a fanof her..and for thelas 10 years i know who is her..She is a the most worker woman ¡ and she is reserved, introverted..this is her personality out of the cameras…ist not a diva..She is 100% real…And thats why i love her. now and ever.

  5. gina says:

    That’s why I love you Carson Daly. Thanks for having Christina Aguilera’s back. So much hate for her. She rocks as a judge and can’t wait to see her back on The Voice and her many other projects. Christina Aguilera loved you in your movie Burlesque:) Hope you do more acting soon too!

  6. Ken says:

    @Jesse: If Christina Aguilera was such a diva, then why in the world did they spend another 10 million dollars to have her as a coach in season 3? And since when did the contestants say Christina is distant? The only one who said it is the girl on Team Cee Lo, and Cee Lo himself already denied the “diva” rumour. Have you read about what the members on Team Xtina said about her? I guess not, because you people always focus on the negative things about her. If she has a little fun with other coaches, you call her a bitch. If she tries to be nice with the contestants, you call her fake. Whatever she does, you people still hate her.

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