[AMP Exclusive] Lady Gaga Performs On AMP Radio With Carson Daly!

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Calling all Little Monsters!

The one and only [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Lady Gaga[/lastfm] will be visiting the AMP Radio studios today!

That’s right! You better be tuning in bright and early because Carson will chatting it up with the “Born This Way” songstress.

And if that weren’t awesome enough, she will also be performing live on the show!

Okay, here’s every thing you need to know for the big day.

Tune into AMP Radio at 7:30am for Carson’s interview with Mother Monster.

[lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Lady Gaga[/lastfm] is treating us with an exclusive, live performance on-air, so that’s a can’t-miss!

We’re sending out a big congratulations to Louie, Charles, Anyssa & Justin! They impressed us with their Little Monster ferocity, so they will be in-studio this morning to get some face time with Gaga herself!

Don’t forget! Carson still needs your help for the big day, so send us all your burning questions for Mother Monster.

You can leave your questions below in the comments section, tweet us with the trending topic #GagaOnAMP, or post it on our Facebook wall.

Remember to include your name and city so you get credit for your brilliant questions!

  • Who else is outrageously excited to hear #GagaOnAMP tomorrow? Tell us all about it!

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One Comment

  1. Ralf Garcia says:

    Hello Mother Monster!
    My Name is Ralf GaGa Garcia.
    My question is what is it that has given you the strength and nerve to be as bold and free as you are today?
    Also, what are a couple of the insecurities that you grappled with throughout your life in which you speak about in your music?
    Thanks for the inspiration and courage to continue on and allow me to fruit the earth with love, positivity, and audacity!

  2. alexis says:

    What will the born this way ball tour be like? And when are the dates! Must know!

  3. Monster Rick says:

    Was you wearing a tattoo on your left arm, that said ” MONSTER” @ the Taratata????? “Lady Gaga is the Queen of Pop” and “Queen of Fashion”

  4. Steve Chavez says:

    Hi Mother Monster! ❤ (''') ^_^

    1st of all HOW YOU DOING?

    My name is Steve Chavez from Wilmington, California & I'm a PROUD LITTLE MONSTER ! (''') ^_*

    I wanted to ask you this, ARE YOU GOING GIVE OUT/SELL MEET N GREET PASSES FOR THE BORN THIS WAY BALL? because one of my LIFE GOALS is to meet you and have the opportunity of Hugging my Greatest Inspiration/Role model/Queen of my life ❤ … HOPEFULLY you read this! ❤ …I hope You have a Wonderful Day !!! ❤ I LOVE YOU MOTHER MONSTER, PAWS UP 4 LIFE (''')^_^

    P.s Can you please Follow me on twitter (''')^_^ ❤ @steveo_010



  5. Jesse nemick says:

    Hi Mother Monster!!
    My Name Is Jesse Nemick!
    My Question is….Me And My Friend Alex Would Like Too No More About The Born This Way Ball Tour! Like What Song R U Gunna Sing!!! And When Will The Tickets Go On Sale!!!
    Love u So Much!!!! PAWS UP!!!

  6. Monster Rick says:

    When you are on your long road trips, do you sometimes wish you could click you’re heals and repeat theres no place like home! like New York!

  7. Well! I just want to let you know that I need to be there in the studio with you guys. Anyways I know you don’t care but here are my questions:

    My name is Julio Cesar Estrada.

    My questions for you Gaga are:

    Will you perform Dance In the Dark at the Born This Way Ball? You have to, this song inspires me to have strength.

    What are your plans for the next few years? Will you get married? Will you settle down?

    What is the most exciting part about being a performance artist?

    What inspired you to write your song “Bloody Mary”. It is daunting, poetic and beautiful. Do you have any plans for that song in the future?

    What is the worst part about touring the globe? Everything amazing has its own set backs.

    When will you be back in California touring? Can you give us a date?

    Do you ever just wish you could live a life without the paparazzi, being able to go out without having a mob of people, but still be able to keep your fans and your music?

    Why has it become so hard to meet you? I have tried dozens of times but Marc is always there pushing us aside.

    Thank You Amp Radio.

  8. Hi Mother Monster 😀 im happy that your in Calii >> @druqie_official <<<< My Name Is david espinoza From East LA , Juss Like Your Sonqqq Americano <333 Question : When Does Your Born This Way Tour Starts And What Do You Think Your Fourth single is Going To Be 😕 Plz Comeee Visit East LA we Love You ALot Over here 🙂 You made Me believe In My Self And Made Me Stronger thank you very Much gaga <333 Born This Way 🙂 Im beautiful In My way cause god Makes No Mistake im on the right Baby i Waz born this way 🙂 PLZ FOLLOW ME MOTHER MONSTER ! PLZZZZZZ

  9. Could You guyszz plz Tell Mother Monster 🙂 To Follow Me On Twitter >>> @Druqie_Official <<< Thank You Amp , You guysz Are The Best ! LOve You guysz

  10. Sabrina says:

    Hi mother monster!
    My name is Sabrina 🙂
    I hope your doing great!
    My question is, do you think you will ever do a CD signing in Ottawa, Canada?
    It would mean the world to so many Monsters here!
    Thank you + I hope you answer my question !
    Love you Mother Monster ❤

  11. Stephen Godoy says:

    Hey Gaga, my name is Stephen from Whittier, CA, hopefully you can answer one of my questions!! 🙂

    1. Do you plan on performing on the MTV VMA’s this year?
    2. You’ve mentioned at the MuchMusic Video Awards that you are already writing new music, will any of that new material be featured in the Born This Way Ball?
    3. What types of influences are you pulling from for your upcoming tour?
    4. What artists/bands do you find yourself listening to a lot lately?
    5. What influenced your upcoming music video?
    5. What do you want to accomplish by the end of this year?
    6. Other than your album coming out, what has been the biggest highlight of the year for you?
    7. What is one food dish you could not live without?
    8. A lot of your little monsters know who your favorite musicians and bands are, but what are some of your favorite movies of all time?

    Thank you Amp Radio! 🙂
    – Stephen G. Whittier, CA


  13. Hi Lady Gaga! ❤
    I'm Cesar Marquez, I'm for East Los Angeles, CA.
    In you’re new album "Born This Way", you have a song named "Americano", and in this song you mention East Los Angeles, and I've been wanting to know why you choose this city in particular to sing about? I'm a huge fan, if not you’re biggest! Oh, and did you ever get my letter? I threw it on stage on you’re birthday Monster Ball at STAPLE‘S Center in L.A.?!

    -love Cesar Marquez
    p.s. Thanks AMP Radio for this great opportunity!

      1. +Of course! She actually replied to my question on the radio! OMG i was so happy! i Love GAGA! ❤

  14. Rosalie Castro says:

    Please consider a meet and greet for charity (in Los Angeles) – there are so many of us loyal fans who would gladly pay to meet you and donate to a worthy cause. Thanks for being such a huge inspiration. I’m completely mesmerized by your multi-talents and kind spirit!!! My paws are proudly up because I was born this way!!!

  15. I have heard Gaga mention that she doesn’t like Los Angeles. Being a huge fan of hers who happens to live in Los Angeles, I just wanted to know why that is. We’re not that bad Gaga! Thanks Amp Radio! Love you Gaga! Gaby from Los Angeles, CA

  16. alexis says:

    Hi Gaga!! My name is alexis from huntington beach. I absoultly love you to death! It is also my goal in life to meet you. Your the most insipirational musican I have ever heard and the only musican I have ever been a huge fan of. I listen to btw everyday as well as the other two albums and ever the songs before you were famous. So with that my question is what is your major goal in life that you have not already accomplished? I will be a little monster for life!

  17. Monster Rick says:

    Lady Gaga you have the greatest voice I have ever heaed!! Do you have plans for your Unicorn piano in the future? On the X-Factor in France you gave a interview backstage after the interview you went up and kissed the tv camera was there someone you was sending it to?????

  18. hi me says:

    Hello Carson Daly, I have a question that I am sure no one has asked Gaga!
    In “Born This Way” the song, what does Lady Gaga say in the back,
    when “Don’t be a drag just be a queen” is about to do the best breakdown,
    Again I do not think anyone has addressed that yet.

  19. hi me says:

    Hello Carson Daly! Sorry I am posting so much, but I know I have questions that Lady Gaga not been asked, even throughout all her world travels! I love watching my Mama Monster!
    (Carson, this is referring to the Born This Way booklet, she has included additional lyrics to the end of her song Bad Kids, and has mentioned that she included it for us to sing along at the ball, to have something special ❤
    Jaime from Orange County!

  20. To our Mother Monster,

    First I have to tell you I’d be hard pressed to pinpoint another person in this world who has been such an amazing and strong inspiration. I have never found myself inspired by someone else, but through your music, your fashion and your vivacity, you have inspired and moved me and given me hope. I grew up in a world of being put down for being myself and it has been a long road to becoming strong enough to bare my heart on my sleeve and walk down the street, head high, not afraid to be myself. You have reassured me that I am, truly, born this way.

    My Question:
    When listening to your music, I can hear the changes in your voice/style as you have progressed on your musical journey. Songs from Born This Way show a much broader range and stronger vocal chords when compered with some of those from The Fame. I’m curious as to how you have managed this, (obviously with practice) but do you actually have a vocal coach? Has the constant touring and performing been a natural aid in this? Also, do you see this as part of your musical progression: was it a conscious change or just the natural progression of your craft?

    Thank you for reading (I hope you read this!)
    I was at your birthday concert this year and you were stunning and amazing. Your acoustic of Born This Way made me cry. Paws Up!

  21. What Was the Last Song That you Wrote on Your album Born This Way and/or What Was The Hardest Song to write on Your album Born This Way

  22. Ricardo says:

    Hey lady gaga ! Im a huge mother monster fan ! i luv ur music and hope u keep up the good work with ur music. 🙂 i have one question ?! what will ur next single be? !!!!!! 🙂

  23. Tony minaj says:

    Is anyone going to support at the radio statio tomorrow!?

  24. Lillie Cox says:

    Please ask her What happened to Gagavision!?!? – Love Lillie, Memphis Tennessee

  25. Lillie Cox says:

    #AmpRadio What happened to gagavision? btw I love you Gaga! – Lillie Grace, Memphis Tennessee

  26. Lillie Cox says:


  27. Hi Mother monster My name’s suchi your Little Monster who was come from Taiwan xx
    and I want to ask you…..

    Will you plan to release Born this way Deluxe Edition ?
    and when are the dates of BTW ball tour you will announce

    thank you for answering me this’s really helpful for me I love you forever dear mommy<3

  28. Lady gaga: I was wondering, what some reminds you the most of us, monsters? Thank you for answering my question so much. I always wanted you to notice me!!

  29. Lady gaga: I was wondering, what song reminds you the most of us, monsters? Thank you for answering my question so much. I always wanted you to notice me!!

  30. Hello Mother Monster!! I would like to know how you got your fishnet bruise/cut the other day..i’ve never seen a fishnet shaped one before!!:D Hope it’s not hurting you, LOTS AND LOTS of Love from Carly Kingdon (Gagasnum1fan) :D:D XX

  31. Hello Mother Monster, how are you today tweetie!!?:) I would please like to know when next month your new single is coming out!!:D I CANT WAIT..i have a very strong feeling that it’s YouAndI & i sure of where it’s being filmed, but dont worry i wont say!!;) I LoveU SM, hope you have a great time in LA!!!! X(“)X

  32. Hello Mother Monster!!:) I would love to know wether you have any really special belongings that you bring everywhere with you..i know you always wear your Grandfathers ring!!:) I LoveYou SM, have fun in LA XX

  33. Hello Mother Monster!! How are you tweetie!?:) I hope your fishnet bruise is ok!! I would like to know what is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you!? I Love You SM, have fun in LA!!:D XX

  34. Hello Mother Monster!!:) I would like to know: Out of the whole Born This Way album, which is your favourite song, or the one which is most special to you!? I love them all, but i have a very special place in my heart for YouAndI!!:) I Love You SM, have fun in LA!!:D XX

  35. Hello Mother Monster!!:) I would like to know wether you still have your two beautiful dogs!? As they havn’t been in any of your videos for a while!!:) I Love You SM, have fun in LA!!:D XX

  36. Hello Mother Monster!!:) I would like to know wether you would wear the traditional white dress when you get married, or wether you’d go for a more original design..also would you consider designing it yourself!!:) Thanks Mama, I Love You SM, have fun in LA!!:D XX

  37. Hello Mother Monster!!:) I would like to know wether you still love hummus..or have you moved on to something else!!:) I Love You SM, have fun in LA!!:D XX

  38. Hello Mother Monster!!:) I would like to know: When writing Born This Way, did you ever imagine the album would have this much success and change so many of us little monsters lives!? We can never thank you enough!! Thank You SM, have fun in LA!!:D I Love You SOSO much!!:) XX

  39. Hello Mother Monster!!:) I would like to know: Is The Edge Of Glory video a kind of reinactment of your 25th birthday, when you drank a bottle of wine and danced alone to TEOG!!??:) Also is it a tribute to NYC!?:D Its an absolutely amazing video, you should be SO proud!! Have fun in LA!!:D I Love You SOSO much!!:) XX

  40. Priss Morales says:

    Hello Mother Monster! How are you on this beautiful morning?
    I was wondering, Will you still be performing your “Fame” and “Fame Monster” songs at The Born This way Ball? I hope you have a wonderful day! I love you!!!

  41. Priss Morales says:

    Hello Mother Monster! My name is Priscilla Morales from Downey, CA…
    How are you on this beautiful morning?
    My question is: Will your “Fame” and “Fame Monster” songs still be performed at the Born This Way Ball? Also, Can i please please pretty please meet you and take a picture with you!?
    Thank you Mother Monster and have a wonderful day! ❤

  42. Bonjour Mother Monster!
    My name is Mafalda Cabral I live in Columbus, Ohio.
    QUESTION: I wanted to ask if you would ever consider performing on Broadway. You have such a powerful and beautiful voice, and I’m certain your acting skills are amazing.
    Paws up mummy monster xx

  43. Farhan says:

    Hey Gaga, I’m Farhan. I’m Indonesian Monster. I love you so much.
    You have a GREAT life right now, what are things that makes you not arrogant and kind to your fans? and what are you doing if you feeling like you’re a bad girl??

    Paws Up!! Love you Gaga, can’t wait to see you next year on the Born This Way Ball.

    XOXO, Bye

  44. alejandra says:

    I love you Gaga… I was very late for my class, but I Think it was worth it, to hear you by the radio. Love ou.

  45. brandonjay says:

    Gaga are you already starting with your new album?

    Grtz, Brandon Jay
    from The Netherlands!!

    You inspired my life, thank you so much love u x

  46. Viezar Green says:

    when will you come to China to perform Mother Monster!!??You know that Chinese monsters are all waiting for you!!We love ü forever~~~

  47. Viezar Green says:

    When will you come to China to per form??!!

  48. michelle says:

    how do I get you and I onto my ipod?

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