mcbron [AMP Exclusive] Interview + Super Secret Chris Brown Listening Party. Want In?

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Nights at AMP Radio we have the OPEN DOOR Policy.  Tonight a bleached blonde [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Chris Brown[/lastfm] stopped by to talk about his forthcoming album F.A.M.E. due out March 22nd

We chatted about his collaborations, studio inspirations, ladies, tats AND how YOU can attend a private listening party with the MAN, himself.  And guess what?  Cameras are welcome!

[pullquote quote=”There’s so many people on this album that I had a great relationship with, so being able to work with them in the studio was like a blessing. So, this album is going to be incredible.”]

I got to talk to Chris Brown who had a lot of say about his upcoming album F.A.M.E and the process behind the finished magic.

McCabe: “Did you just come out to L.A.?”

Chris Brown: “Honestly, I’ve been out here for two months.”

M: “Where do you live?”

CB: “I’m back and forth between L.A. and Virginia.”

M: “What’s the first thing you do when you get to L.A.?”

CB: “First thing…usually work. Studio. Rehearsal…”

M: “There’s got to be a food, a restaurant, there’s got to be something you that you crave when you come to L.A.”

CB: “Well, Barry’s. I like Barry’s Pizza. I like that…They have a nice lobster pizza.”

M: “Do you ever do Bossanova’s?”

CB: “Bossanova’s is pretty good. A lot of my camp takes the Bossanova trips. They love going there.”

M: “You, you’re on the spot like a lot. Even lately. I haven’t seen the photo that’s been out there…You’re getting a lot of compliments on certain aspects of the photo.”

CB: “Thanks, man. It has to be the hair.”

M: “It’s totally the hair. The hair is glowing. That’s what everybody is looking at in the photo. I was going to send one out the day after and you kind of put me to shame. So, that’s not going to happen now. The album, new album F.A.M.E is coming out on March 22nd. You gotta be stoked for that.”

CB: “It’s going to be incredible, man. I got a chance to work with a lot of people on this album. You know,[lastfm link_type=”artist_info”] Timbaland.[/lastfm]..[lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Big Sean[/lastfm], [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Wiz Khalifa[/lastfm]. Collaborations with [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Justin Bieber[/lastfm], [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Ludacris[/lastfm],[lastfm link_type=”artist_info”] Game[/lastfm]. There’s so many people on this album that I had a great relationship with, so being able to work with them in the studio was like a blessing. So, this album is going to be incredible.”

M: “Yeah, you said it yourself: Star-studded. How did you pick and choose who you wanted for the album? And did you kind of get your wish list?”

CB: “My bar was already high. I had, like, fifteen to twenty people I already wanted to do songs with. So, it was just about me recording my songs and then trying to place the collabs on my records. But i didn’t want to place everybody on the whole album, because I didn’t want a whole featured album.

“I wanted my actual album just to be me, so I’mma put these guys on there because it was more convenient and these guys were right in the studio, so it was always like spur of the moment time, like Justin would come into the studio and say, “Oh, I like this record.” And then we would do the record like that. And then Game would come in and then he’s, like, “Oh, can I do a verse on that?” And then, we would just work on that song. So, it was all about the relationship that we built and stuff like that, so it was kind of cool. “

Next, Chris talks about having naked girls in his studio for “inspiration.”

[pullquote quote=”I always wanted to do stuff like that, like in the studio have naked girls walk around, just to have them walk around for inspiration. I know that sounds weird.”]

M: “Who, personally, was the coolest to work with? Justin Bieber, phenomenal right now. Wiz Khalifa, I’m excited he’s on there. Who was like awesome to work with?”

CB: “Honestly, the most laidback is Big Sean. I think he’s underrated. I think he has a super crazy underground buzz. The college scene is blowing up with his stuff, but I think being able to work with him, he’s on cruise control. When he’s in the studio, he’s like, chillin. Holding on, rapping. He’ll do his verse and we’ll just be hanging out. You know, I think, us being young cats in the game, you sometimes need that. We always constantly move and want to party, party, party, but, you know, sometimes being laidback and chill is the thing to do.”

M: “When you go in the studio, do you have a  special way that you get your mind set when you’re going to work?

CB:Usually, it depends. If I really want to write, I would say pop music, if I want to write more of the super urban more off of the super-urban ghetto stuff, I usually turn the black lights on in the studio, make it like a club environment. “

“Might have a couple girls comes by. Just for inspiration. A lot of beautiful girls. Honestly, though, you know how you’ll hear stories about Prince, how he used to have weird parties or whatever was the case? I always wanted to do stuff like that, like in the studio have naked girls walk around, just to have them walk around for inspiration. I know that sounds weird.”

M: “I try to do that in the studio here and my boss won’t let me do it.”

CB: “We should definitely do it like one night when he kinda leaves. We can get a gang of girls.”

Chris discusses what it’s like to be a grown-man making music.

[pullquote quote=”I don’t have to sugar coat it because there is an age bracket or I’m trying to get on Nickelodeon or Disney. I’m really just trying to be me now.”]

M: ” Chris Brown! Coming up with some inspiration! F.A.M.E is the title of the album. I guess it has two meanings?”

CB: “The first one was Forgive All My Enemies, which basically shows the growth of me as a young guy. Maturity, coming-of-age, finding oneself and learning more about responsibility, you know?”

“And then you have Fans Are My Everything which is based off all the mixtapes I’ve put out, all the support my fans have been giving me and how dedicated all my fans are on Team Breezy, you know? They’ve kind of taken the whole internet thing and the whole network of global and marketing to a whole ‘nother level with their campaign. So, you know, I just appreciate them and I just wanted to dedicate my album to them. Let them know that without them this would be possible.”

M: “How does this album defer from previous Chris Brown albums?”

CB:“I think with the first album and the second album, it was kind of me being young and I still could do music and write and be creative in my own way, but I couldn’t talk about every subject, I couldn’t do every aspect. One: because people wouldn’t take me seriously as a 16-year-old/17-year-old.”

“And then, two: I was stuck in this kind of good-boy thing…Not saying I’m a bad guy, trying to be a bad boy, but I just feel like I’m more real now. I can be honest on the record. I can say what I want. I don’t have to sugar coat it because there is an age bracket or I’m trying to get on Nickelodeon or Disney. I’m really just trying to be me now. It’s not about the censorship as much. I still keep it at a minimum, but I’m still an adult now. “

Chris explains the the deal with the bleached hair (plus info on how to meet Chris in person!)

[pullquote quote=”We’re going to party it up!”]

M: “Are their still people on your back saying, ‘Eh. I wouldn’t do that or I wouldn’t say that’ or are you pretty much your own person?”

CB: “Everything I’ve done people have said they wouldn’t do. Dying the hair…”

M: “Yeah, what’s with the hair?”

CB: “I think the hair thing is just me…living life, man. You get tattoos, you get piercings, you do whatever you wanna do. I think that this is just me expressing my artistic side, as far as me being a painter, just composing the album and art, it kind of just made me want to bleach my hair.

M: “I looks good. Me, I’m way too pale so it always comes off bad when I do it, but it looks good on you…Do you have any new tattoos?”

CB: “New tattoos? The last one I got was maybe six months ago? I think I have one of the guys from Goof Troop…He has a baseball cap on. It’s like weir, but I drew it. “

“I wanna play some of the album. I know some of the songs have already leaked on the internet, but a lot of the songs you haven’t heard and I want you guys to hear it as well. We’ve got a lot of stuff for y’all and I want to do something special for the fans, you know, because I know wants to go on March 22nd to the store. But I want to give you something early, so you can come to the listening session…I definitely want to thank all my fans for all the support.”

“I love everybody from Team Breezy to everybody who supports me and I just can’t thank you enough…you know, we’re just going to have fun. More videos. I know ya’ll have seen the ‘Look At Me Now’ video and stuff, so it’s going to be real real big,’Beautiful People’ coming featuring Benny Benassi, so it’s just going to be incredible. I can’t wait for this year to just continue to go. And we’re just going to continue to grow with it.”

M: “Yeah, and the fact that you are going to be there…when you have the actual artist going to be there, that’s ten times better.”

CB: “We’re going to party it up!”

FRIDAY NIGHT listen up from 7-Midnight, when we give YOU the cue to call. Be caller 20 to WIN exclusive passes to a secret location in Hollywood and hear F.A.M.E in its entirety WITH Chris Brown.

We will be tweeting passes as well. So follow @McCabe971 & @ampradio!!!

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