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With a new hit single, 3 Grammys, and an appearance on 60 Minutes, we can safely say it’s been a pretty big week for [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Lady Gaga[/lastfm].  But the fun has only just begun because Mother Monster herself will be calling into the AMP Radio morning show with Carson Daly tomorrow!

That’s right! Carson will chat it up with [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Lady Gaga[/lastfm] bright and early on Tuesday and we want to know your most burning questions for the headline-making popstar!

You can Facebook us, tweet us at @ampradio, or even leave a comment on this blog post.  Remember to leave your name and city so you can take credit for your awesome question!

In preparation for tomorrow’s festivities, let’s re-live her Grammy performance from Sunday night!

Okay, Little Monsters, what would you like to know about [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Lady Gaga[/lastfm]? Leave your questions in the comments and listen tomorrow starting at 6am to see if Carson asks yours on-air!

Comments (95)
  1. Javier Pineiro says:

    I just want to wish Gaga a Happy Valentine’s and make her to see one of the best fan videos that I made from little monsters around the World… The WORLD wishing Gaga a Happy Valentines!

  2. Mark says:

    Gaga!!! Your little monsters needs the Monster Ball DVD!!

  3. Gummy Bear says:

    Ask her what she thinks about the current pop starts (i.e. Ke$ha and Rihanna), ask her if she’ll ever play “Blueberry Kisses” (an old unreleased song of hers that’s extremely addictive) live, and ask her what her favorite memory is from when she was a child.
    -Alfredo from Montclair, Ca.

  4. Gummy Bear says:

    Oh and ask her if she likes gummy bears xD
    -Alfredo from Montclair, ca.

  5. Jordan says:

    Will there be a tour DVD or 3D movie?

  6. Jordan says:

    Do you know any details about a tour for Born This Way?

  7. NIALL CARR says:

    Could you please ask her if there is going to be a DVD release of her MONSTER BALL?

    I know there are THOUSANDS of people JUST like me, who are dying to know the answer =D

    1. NIALL CARR says:

      Could you please ask her if there is going to be a DVD release of her MONSTER BALL?

      I know there are THOUSANDS of people JUST like me, who are dying to know the answer =D

      And I am from Liverpool, England! =D

      Thank you!

  8. Wendy B says:

    first off I want to ask, how are you Gaga? I’m 21 years old, I’m a huge fan, I have a brain tumor that causes me to have epilepsy, Gaga’s music has helped me through all the tough times, I was just wondering… How can I get the chance to meet her? Thanks!

  9. Darren says:

    Will you be releasing a DVD of the Monster Ball? I would love to be able to relive your amazing show and I know that so many monsters missed out on the show and would love to see it!

  10. Jennica says:

    Will there be a Monster Ball DVD?

  11. Liam "LittleMonster" Mac says:

    Will you be releasing a Monster Ball DVD at any point in time?

    Thanks Gaga! I love you!

  12. Liam McLaughlin says:

    What songs did you perform at the Grammy’s After Party on Sunday night?

  13. Stefani G says:

    Hello Gaga. I love you. What song did you remix for the Mugler fashion show?

  14. Lucas Galego says:

    Hey! How are you, Gaga? Are you ok? I have a simple question that we, little monsters, always wanted to know about: What’s that scar in your belly? We always wanted to know that! 😉 Love you!

  15. Brandon Harris says:

    How does it feel knowing your new single went #1 in all of the iTunes stores?

  16. Alex says:

    Is the monster ball tour going to be released in 3D on DVD?

  17. Nikki Y says:

    Oh I have so many questions and right when I have an opportunity to write something down I can’t think of anything!!

    I guess something that I would like to know is if Born This Way will be added to this last leg of the Monster Ball?!?! I already think I know the answer but confirmation would be great!!

    Also, will you be doing meet+greets for your Born This Way tour whenever it will be? There are TONS of monsters who are dying to meet you and in a place like Toronto, the way the Air Canada Center is set up it’s basically impossible to try and meet you afterwards! 😦

    Love you so much Gaga and I can’t wait to see you in Toronto!!!

  18. Stephanie says:

    Hi Gaga! First off let me just say you did an amazing job at the Grammys and I am blown away by the new material. I have a few questions:

    1. What do you do with the millions of books, cards, videos etc. that your little monsters have gifted you with over the years, and do you read through them for inspiration?

    2. What is the meaning behind the current promotional imagery for the album, with the prosthetics? I know they are a homage to McQueen but is there another meaning?

    3. If you could sum up the new album in three words, what would they be and why? And don’t say amazing, because we already know that. Joking of course.

    4. Do you think more artists in the industry should be following your lead in empowering youth?

    5. What are your intentions with this new album?

    I could keep asking questions, as you are such an inspirational and intelligent woman. You have done so much for us that a simple thank you is not enough, I’m glad you came into my life and I’m excited and proud to be behind you every step of the way.

  19. Nik says:

    Hello! Please explain to Gaga that I am one of her truest and biggest little monsters!

    Could you please ask her this? :

    Gaga, you often talk about how your music is a lie. A kind of escapism, you said in Vogue that you wanted to be the “Jester” for your fans. You are clearly much more, but anyway,

    What is it like, or rather, what has occurred in the transition from relatively simple lyrics like on The Fame and The Fame Monster, to such profound and almost politically charged lyrics on Born This Way? Was it your role & responsibility in the LGBT community and the DontAskDontTell Repeal that got you thinking harder about that? Or is it just a changing of an era?

    I love you.


  20. Paola says:

    I’ve been having this question forever and this is a big opportunity to know the answer. The question is… Gaga will you come/consider to Puerto Rico for your new tour??

    It would mean the world if you ask this to her. PLEASE

  21. Michael says:

    Hello Gaga! My name is Michael. I want to ask you is it true that the 2nd single off the new album is called Judas. & when is the 2nd single coming out?

  22. Kristin Fritz says:

    Miss Gaga, what is your all-time favorite song to jam to while in the car?

  23. Lu says:

    Hello Gaga!!!! Congrats for your performance and the awards!! I love you!! Im from ARGENTINA!!! AND I JUST WANT TO KNOW IF YOU ARE GONNA COME TO SOUTH AMERICA THIS YEAR?????? PLEASE I WANT TO KNOW THAT!!!! thank you!!!

  24. Steven Conley says:

    Hello Lady Gaga 🙂 i want to first off say you inspire me every day by listening to your song “Born This Way” every time if i get bullied or picked on, i will think of the song and i will say shut the hell up I WAS BORN THIS WAY! and my question is.. Can i HUG YOU?! haha well one day i hope that will come true, and my real question is will you be going on another tour just for Born This Way? because at the time i do not have the money to see you 😦 but hope to save up and see you sooner or later! ❤

    1. Steven Conley says:

      and crap i forgot to say im from Houston, TX

  25. Alex says:

    Hi gaga i am 12 years old and love you. My question is what would you like to say to your younger fans right now?

  26. Little Monster John says:

    If you are considering making a Monster Ball DVD, why not go all out, with a Monster Ball movie in IMAX 3D? I would love to watch the ball from the middle of the stage!! Also, are you hiring any inventory control managers? 😀

  27. Little Monster John says:

    As a followup, Little Monster John, from Milwaukee!

  28. Niki says:

    Is it alot of pressure on you knowing that you have so many fans that look up to you and some who even say that you have saved their lives?

    What is the significance of the “horns” and the prosthetics? Is it simply a tribute to McQueen? What is the deeper meaning to them?

    What was your egg made out of at the Grammy’s last night?

  29. Walter V. says:

    How does it feel to be #1 on iTunes WORLDWIDE in all Countries, for Born This Way?! By the way, I love Born This Way! And I love you so much Gaga! I’ll be a Little Monster forever, and I’ll support you forever! You’ll always be in my Little Monster heart! I LOVE YOU GAGA!

  30. Ashley D says:

    Hey Gaga, first of all, I think you’re amazing. Has it set in that you have started a fashion/ cultural revolution? I think people, myself included, are more daring to wear the things that they want, and say the things that they want to say. I thank you for it, and so do all of my fellow monsters! I’m just curious to know what that must feel like. Thanks for listening! I ❤ you so much!!

  31. Walter V. says:

    How excited were you when you won 3 Grammys?! And how does it feel that you’re now a 5-time Grammy Winner?! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH GAGA! Little Monster forever! I LOVE YOU MOTHER MONSTER!

  32. MONSTERZACKK says:

    What were you thinking when in your womb walking down the red carpet? Something like “that’s right- you have no idea what I have planned” or something else?

  33. Eric says:

    Will we be expecting a new single before the actual album comes out? Also, when can we look forward to a music video for ‘Born This Way’?

  34. stephany says:

    @ampradio question for @ladygaga when you entered the code # bornthisway in whom you thought at that time?

  35. MONSTERZACKK says:

    Will there be a remix CD of Born This Way? -@MONSTERZACKK Atlanta, GA

  36. Walter V. says:

    How does it feel that BORN THIS WAY IS #1 ON BILLBOARD’S HOT 100?! Did you know that Born This Way became Billboard’s 1000th single to reach #1 on the Hot 100 Chart?! LADY GAGA you’re a superstar! WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Us Little Monsters are so proud. We love our Mother Monster so much!

  37. Junior Maxwell says:

    I have a few questions I would like to ask, although I do apologise if I have too many, if you can please try to ask at least one of them I would really appreciate it 🙂

    1. When will the music video be released?
    2. Is there to be a professional recording of the Monster Ball?
    2b. If yes, where will it be recorded?
    2c. When will this air?
    2d. Will it be released to DVD and if so, when?
    3. How many singles should we expect from Born This Way?
    4. Will you ever be using your alter ego ‘Jo Calderone’ again?
    5. Will we be expecting to see the 3rd installment to the ‘Paparazzi/Telephone sequel’ any time soon?
    6. Do you plan on leaking any of your old demos?
    7. Is ‘You and I’ the only ballad we will hear on Born This Way?
    8. What are your touring plans after The Monster Ball has finished?

    Name: Junior Maxwell
    Location: Brighton, United Kingdom

  38. J says:

    When is the Born this Way video coming out?

  39. Jillian says:

    People are calling you the “new” Lady Gaga. To what extent, if any, would you say that you have changed, or your style has changed? Is The Fame era Lady Gaga dead? Also, can you tell us anything about your next tour?

  40. ricky trevino says:

    the next single for Born This Way

  41. Daniel Levshin says:

    One artist you would love to collaborate with?

  42. Jake says:

    I’m Jake, and I’ve been wondering for a very long time:

    How long ago did you write the single “Born This Way”, and how long have you known that “Born This Way” would be the album title? We love you Gaga, and we’re all so proud of you and proud of Born This Way!

    ^^ I can’t even explain how long this question has been floating around in my head, and it would mean so much to finally know the answer. Also, I’d like to thank both Lady Gaga and AMP radio for giving monsters this opportunity to ask Gaga questions!

  43. Connor says:

    gaga we know your new song is a gay anthem , but how do you think it relates to your straight fans ? ( by the way i’m a straight monster but totally love what your doing for the gays and for equality in general )

  44. Louise A. says:

    mother monster! i’ll be attending NYU this coming fall as a freshman, and i wanted to know some good advice for living in the big city and what your favorite part about it is. you’re my inspiration. ❤

  45. Nom Nom!! says:

    I saw like three questions for a Monster Ball DVD. So guess what I’m not asking? Lol, but seriously! Gaga, I love you. Really love you. Not stalker love you though because that would be creepy. Now I’m rambling. But my question is!! What do you do in your down time? We always hear about what you do when you’re busy or out shopping but what about without the paparazzi all up in your business behind closed doors? Can’t wait for the album, I’d love to actually meet you one day, and have a nice day! =D Thanks!

  46. Jeremy says:

    Jeremy from Riverside California


  47. Timothy Brown says:

    Do you think you can make any other music in the future better than what Born This Way(album) is going to do?

  48. Timothy Brown says:

    What can we expect from the album cover art?

  49. Timothy Brown says:

    I love you so much Gaga! When and what can we expect from the music video for Born This Way? Maybe it will come out the day you were born? That would be so fitting for the song and you Gaga!

  50. Timothy Brown says:

    When are you planning a Born This Way tour? I know you have been working so hard and I don’t want to make you feel like I demand too much from you, but I can’t help but ask!

  51. Timothy Brown says:

    I know everyone has been asking this same question Gaga. Is the face structure a tribute to Alexander McQueen? I love his work as well Gaga! Are you transforming into something or are you trying to say that Little Monsters are a species in their own way?

  52. eduardo says:

    ask her about the release date for the MV please!!

  53. Timothy Brown says:

    When can we expect the official tracklist? Maybe these questions I’m asking you are too soon to ask? I apologize if they are! I’m just so excited for your album Gaga!

  54. Timothy Brown says:

    I’m from Long Beach by the way. I saw you at the Staples Center August 12, 2010 and that was THE BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE!

  55. Timothy Brown says:

    Finally with my many questions. Do you find it difficult to top EVEN yourself with outfit after outfit, day after day, single after single, album after album? Carson, please tell Gaga thank you for all the hard work that she gives us. Both the things that we can see and the little details we don’t see. It all matters to me. Love you forever and for eternity.

  56. jordan says:

    Has madonna contacted you about all the “noise” surrounding born this way single and the express yourself similarities?…I am sure Madonna is flattered and sees this a homage….people really like to create drama where there is none!!!

  57. greg says:

    Any changes for the US leg of the Monster Ball or will it be the same show?

  58. Stephen says:

    Stephen G. from Whittier, CA:
    Would could your fans expect from the “Born This Way” era? How will it be different compared to your past albums?


    When you start your tour back up again will there be any changes to the shows setlist or costumes?

  59. TomRaider says:

    What is going to be your fashion trends in BTW video and the whole spirit of the album? And about the meaning of baby horn ? ^^
    PLz send my Q to my Mother Monster,plzzzzzzzzz

    Tom Raider – Vietnam

  60. Gummy Bear says:

    Ask her if she’ll ever do a song with Ricky Martin!!!!!!!!!! 😀

    -Alfredo from Montclair, Ca.

  61. Sing Binh says:

    hi Gaga, first of all is the best wishes for you, my sweettest babe ^^
    I am one of your million little monsters who come from Vietnam, maybe you dont know this country cos it’s just a small country in Asia.
    Here is my question: Could u make a tour around Asia in 2011 ?
    I hope you could
    We always love you, Gaga

  62. Quynh Anh says:

    hi, I’m a Little Monster in Vietnam, I know that you’ve been to Vietnam once in Miss Universe 2008 and performed Just Dance, I love this so much, will you come to Vietnam again? Please say yes, please 🙂

    I’m Quynh Anh from Vietnam

  63. Lee Hau says:

    Hi .. I’m biggest fan of you .. but i’m kinda disappointed that u doesn’t make any tour in “Vietnam” .. so my question is :
    ” what do you think about a tour in VietNam in the future ?”

  64. Kent says:

    My question : When will you come back to Vietnam? Theres a lot of lil’ Monster here. You don’t want us to be starved , do you?
    Im from Hanoi Vietnam.
    Thanks u guys =]]]]]]

  65. Lee Hau says:

    Hi Gaga .. I’m ur biggest fan .. i love you so much .. but i kinda disappointed that ur didn’t make any show in VietNam since 2008 .. so my question is :

    I’m from VietNam ^.^

  66. Ryan says:

    Hi, what do the horn like lumps on your face and shoulders on the born this way single cover symbolises?

    From Ryan, a huge fan in Australia.

  67. Annabel Rigby says:

    Please will you ask her – Was it comfortable in the egg? 🙂

  68. Irina says:

    How are you, Gaga?

  69. Tyler S. says:

    I love Born This Way! Will we be getting a DVD release along with the HBO Monster Ball special?

  70. Vlad says:

    Hi Gaga! My name Vlad, I’m little monster from Ukraine and I have some questions to you:

    1. Will you be releasing a DVD of the Monster Ball? It’s amazing tour!
    2. We all know that you have many unreleased songs. So many fans waiting for studio versions of Glitter&Grease and Out Of Control because this is really amazing songs. Is it possible to release this songs and make surprise for little monsters?
    3. Are you planning come to Ukraine with your show?

    Thanks for answers, I love you =)

  71. Heather says:

    Hi Lady Gaga!! We all want to know how you kill the dance everytime in those heels!!!

  72. Paulina says:

    hey GaGa! I wonder if you will come to sweden again? we all miss you so much here.. you have no idea. Born This Way is helping me through tough times. i’ll always be your monster..from 2008 to forever 😉 your music, fashion and art really inspires people. love you!

  73. Timothy Brown says:

    How is your perfume coming along so far?

  74. Timothy Brown says:

    Were you suprised by the amazing sucess of Born This Way? It’s breaking records on radio and itunes!

  75. Cherin says:

    Hello, Gaga! First of all: Congratulations. You deserve the Grammys so much and I love love loved the performance! I have one simple question: When will you come back to Europe? We are missing you. I love you!

  76. Steven says:

    Please release ‘the monster ball’ and also, can you tell us if on ‘born this way’ will you be ‘name dropping’ any iconic people as you did for ‘dance in the dark’..I love you ❤

  77. bahtiar rifai says:

    hi lady gaga, im your fan from indonesia, honestly i loved your new song born this way over all… im waiting for the video clip premier,,, please leak more song for us …. thanks i love you,i wish you come for tour asia

  78. Pia Larsen says:

    first off, i wanna say that i love you so much and that i’m very proud of you! then i’d like to ask you if you’ll be adding more tour dates, and if you’re coming to norway again?
    thanks so much.

  79. Lee Goong Tea says:

    u had a show in Viet Nam!! how did u feel? have u ever thought that u’ll perform in Viet Nam again, there r lots of your fans here, and we love u so much and we always be ready to support your show here!! ( with all my love 4 u) !!

  80. Christopher Tru says:

    Hi Lady GAGA, This is “TRU” here your tru little monster, i want to tell you first of all your record The Fame Monster has not left my car radio since its debut day (NO LIE) im going for a genus record for longest time cd left in one radio, i want to ask you “can i meet you? my BIG DREAM!! and what place have you not been that you would love to see? to attend your concert on 31st or march would be the best expierience of a life time.. love always your TRU MONSTER.

  81. Lee Goong Tea says:

    u had a show in Viet Nam!! how did u feel? have u ever thought that u’ll perform in Viet Nam again, there r lots of your fans here, and we love u so much and we always be ready to support your show here!! ( with all my love 4 u) !!

  82. LisaD says:

    You have added spiritual and socially conscious themes to your art lately, and you seem to explore the transcendent, often can you share or explain some of your thoughts on The Divine (a.k.a. God) and how you’ve been exploring these themes lately?

  83. Maria says:

    Gaga, first i want you to know that i love so f-ing much.
    Question: Do you usually go to the mass?

  84. Maria says:

    Question: Do you usually go to the mass?
    Love you Gaga

  85. Maria says:

    Do you go to the mass?

  86. sina says:

    Hey, i would ask Gaga why she wrote the Song “scheiße” i´m a german Mnster so ^^

  87. joshua says:

    hello miss gaga im from fresno california also known as the ash tree i have two questions i know im very selfish on this ill try to ask one question one day can you stop at fresno city to perform so i can see you in person your a doll my second question is do you collect actual andy warhol art? thanks with love joshua.

  88. joshua says:

    oh i forgot i painted you some self portraits of you i wish you can come get them ill send you a pic on gagadaily peace

  89. sina says:

    Hey, i would ask Gaga why she wrote the Song “scheiße” i´m a german Monster so ^^ Ps: i love Gaga so much!!! <333

  90. sina says:

    Hey…i wanna ask Gaga : what is for you a good fan???

    My name is Sina and i´m from germany

    I love Gaga so much x333

    1. sara says:

      every one that is smart loves gaga she is so awesome omg

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