“Charlie” Goes Missing, Have You Seen Him? McCabe is Worried!

charliecrop Charlie Goes Missing, Have You Seen Him? McCabe is Worried!

Photo by AMP Radio Staff

McCabe just returned from Utah where he was visiting over the weekend.  He has an extra pop in his step because his aunt reunited him with a childhood doll.

He brought the doll back to AMP Radio to share with everyone, and to be perfectly honest he’s never been happier.

But then, his precious Charlie went missing!

Here at AMP Radio we love to have fun! No, seriously.  We.  Love.  Fun.

We love playing pranks and laughing our little hearts out.  We love being good, but in a bad way.  In short, here at AMP Radio, we are awesome.

Several months ago we took McCabe’s car keys and hid his car behind the AMP Radio building.If McCabe thought the pranks ended there, he seriously underestimated Christen, Ryan aka “Chow Chow” and I.

Today was just like any other day, until Charlie went missing.  When McCabe realized that Charlie was gone he was pretty close to calling the Special Victims Unit as Charlie is obviously special and a victim.

Clearly, the dollnappers mean serious business, as they’ve tied up Charlie.  Do you think there’s a ransom?

tied up crop Charlie Goes Missing, Have You Seen Him? McCabe is Worried!

Really, the best part was when McCabe realized what we’d done.  His face turned red and his facial expression was so spectacular that it is seared into my memory forever.

Here’s what went down:

We had to play the hot and cold game with McCabe until he found Charlie.  Obviously, Charlie was just chillin’ out, as he was in the freezer all along.

doll crop Charlie Goes Missing, Have You Seen Him? McCabe is Worried!

  • If you see Charlie please call up McCabe at 877-971-HITS or send him a tweet at @McCabe971 .

One Comment

  1. javier diaz villanueva says:

    fu***n charlie crazzy!

  2. Joanna Lui says:

    Soon McCabe found Charlie, he will be really really happy.

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