[Poll] Kanye West Is Just Misunderstood: ‘There’s No Astronaut Training For Celebrity’

kanye west runaway new york michael loccisano getty images [Poll] Kanye West Is Just Misunderstood: Theres No Astronaut Training For Celebrity

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Last week,[lastfm link_type=”artist_info”] Kanye West[/lastfm] made a joke about Britney Spears getting Number One on the charts, while his track with Jay-Z got Number Two. Spears’ people retaliated with a hilariously sarcastic tweet.

What ensued was a rumor mill of made up stories, including an MSNBC “reworking” of the incident that said West was trying to start a Twitter war.

We decided to analyze Kanye West’s defensive tweets from the last 24 hours to get down to the bottom of this “media incident.”


We wanted to see if MSNBC actually did say Kanye West tried to start a Twitter war, because no intelligent human being would ever assume from West’s words that he was being anything other than tongue-in-cheek about his own past experiences.

Well, we guess whoever wrote this article for MSNBC needs to either a) work on their sense of humor or b) are experts at provoking one of the most vocal celebs in the game, because they called West a “poor sport.” Cold.


West said that this “takes the air out of my lungs sometimes.” It’s really unfortunate that West has become a media bully after he made a couple of mistakes, but it’s even more unfortunate that he’s developed breathing problems from it.

Oh, wait? That’s not literal?

See what we did there?


People tend to forget that many of their favorite celebrities are manufactured i.e. what the media says and their personalities are just products of what their record label or a certain magazine wants from them. West reminds us through the 9-yr-old watch with his face on it, that not everything is at it seems.

Only time will help us face the truth.


Kanye cares. Like the way he cared for his pet Phoenix in his Runaway film? Hmmm.


We are getting a t-shirt that says this. Or maybe a tattoo. Or maybe, both.


This is a believable statement. No one expected H.A.M to get almost as much instant acclaim as long-awaited Britney Spears. Not even Kanye West. He’s slightly unstable, but he’s not dumb and he’s been making music in the industry for a very long time. He knows the rules.


Where are all the intelligent people out there that can read into subtext? Kanye West is looking for you to back him up!


He means Britney Spears, guys. What Kanye West lacks in spelling skills, he makes up for in other areas.


Kanye cares.


Meaning pop stars have a secret pop star illuminati where they get together and decide how to influence the masses? Or is this more like some Mike TeeVee/ Willy Wonka conundrum that we are either not caffeinated enough and/or Kanye West enough to entirely get?


Kanye, the media that derides you will have to get over their bad spelling and grammar first. PS. It’s Twitter. Not an English Composition course. Anyone who takes Twitter grammar seriously needs to reevaluate their life priorities.


Kanye cares.


So where’s our cut on album sales?


Kanye cares.

Bottom line: No one should intelligently assume anything from Twitter unless an attack is blatant. Especially not major news sources like MSNBC who broadcast their opinions all over the world. We have no idea what these celebrities are really like outside of their media-made personas, beyond the fact that they are simply people.

Rich, talented, successful people. But people, nonetheless.

Kanye West’s Twitter is a good example of how to read between the lines and think for ourselves, rather than letting popular opinion sway us. Even, dare I say it, the opinion of this piece.

  • What do you think of Kanye West’s Twitter tirade? Let us know in the comments!

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