img 01401 [AMP Exclusive] Trey Songz Talks With McCabe In The Bud Light Lime Lounge At AMP Radio

Mmmm. Who are those two studly babes hanging out in AMP Radio’s Bud Light Lime Lounge? Why that is the magically delicious “Bottoms Up!” hitmaker, [lastfm]Trey Songz[/lastfm], and our very own handsome McCabe.

How do we handle such manliness on a daily basis? We don’t know. We ask ourselves that question everyday. All we know is that Trey Songz was sitting in a room, revealing his rock-hard core to the penetrating questions of McCabe and we were down the hall wondering how we could get in on that (interview) action. Obviously, this was a moment not to be missed by the, umm, hungry eyes of Trey Songz fans, so we brought the action to you!

[pullquote quote=”On this tour, I’m kinda just delievering on the show. There’s definitely sex appeal. If that’s what you are looking for, we’ve come to bring that. ” credit=”Trey Songz”]

Trey Songz sunk deep into the white coaches of the Bud Light Lime Lounge, his tight black thermal offsetting the limes and creams that decorate the space. If you’ve never witnessed Trey Songz in action, he’s got the stature of a Greek god and the eloquent tongue of a poet. When he answered McCabe’s questions, we were expecting a slick, suave indifference. Instead, we got an intelligent young man with a beautiful, endearing smile. McCabe asked Trey Songz about his tour and the “sexiness” aspect of touring with Usher. Songz answered:

“It’s going great. The fifth show was last night. We’re still in the first–kinda,sorta–two weeks of touring? It’s been amazing! Every show’s been sold out. It’s been an amazing response. It’s great to be out! Miguel is actually on the tour too. A young new artist, doing his thing. And it’s a pleasure just to go out with someone as iconic as Usher. You know, just have the crowd recieve me so well…I brought girls on stage on my last tour. On this tour, I’m kinda just delievering on the show. There’s definitely sex appeal. If that’s what you are looking for, we’ve come to bring that. “

Oh, yeah?  We know that Trey Songz is a ladykiller (at least, he is with the swooning women in the AMP hallways), and McCabe wanted a little kiss and tell–which Songz would not give him:  “You know, things like that, I kinda like to keep on the low…hey man, I try to keep the clean image. You know what goes on backstage! You want me to spell it out for you!”

The subject was quickly changed to more serious matters, like Trey Songz’ forthcoming foray into acting. So, when will we get to see him on the big screen?:

[pullquote quote=”I’ve definitely went through the situation explained in the ‘Can’t Be Friends’ song.” credit=”Trey Songz”]

“Actually, I have a couple of roles that I am looking at right now. I just want to make sure when I step into that acting arena, that it’s done properly. I think a lot of us go from the music world to the acting world a little anxiously and take roles that probably aren’t the best, so I want to make sure that it’s a great production, great script, great role and something that can evolve and I don’t really wanna take on all the pressure of it, thinking that because I am solidified in the music game, I can go over and just do what I want to do over there. I want to make sure I take the proper steps, acting lessons, and really nurture the craft…I want to make sure I address the craft as I have with my  music. I want to make sure I really embrace it and really hone it. And what comes after that is what comes after that. You know, within  music as I learned to hone my craft, I felt as if there wasn’t any drama or any avenue I couldn’t walk. So I’d like to think the same with acting when I take it as seriously as I will. “

At AMP, we love to have our Twitter followers get in on the action and pose pressing questions to their favorite pop stars. First, McCabe read off an excellent question from Lizette in Irvine: “What do you miss most about your life before you were famous?”

Trey answered, wistfully, “You’d be surprised. The normal things. To be able to walk through the mall, you know, like nobody notice you…I don’t go to the mall…What else? Normal things. Being able to go see my little brother’s track meets without taking all the attention away from the actual track meet. Or, just the time. Having time to yourself. There’s something to admire inside of a daily situation: doing the same thing everyday although it does get redundant and people get tired of living that life. You know, there’s something to admire in going back to the same bed, the same house, the same people. So, there’s definitely things I miss. Although, not to be confused. This is a definite blessing.”

Next up, we had a question from Brizette in Riverside: “Did your song ‘Can’t Be Friends’ come from an experience that you went through?”

Trey Songz paused for a moment, obviously going through the mental Rolodex of women he’s dated in the past, but eventually replied: “I’ve definitely went through the situation explained in the ‘Can’t Be Friends’ song. Not to the specifications of each lyric. I kinda broadened it so people could pull their own experience from it as well. But that’s what I think is so dope about the song, because so many people have been in a situation where you’ve dealt with someone and, you know, you look back at the relationship that you had with someone. And you look back at the relationship, whether it was a platonic relationship into something else or you know, a relationship where you completely exhausted yourself inside of the love that was there and you just can’t be friends with that person anymore…It’s happened to me once or twice.”

Next, we had a very sweet question from Miriam in Long Beach: “What is your favorite dessert?”

“My favorite dessert. Ahh, man. Anything with strawberries. I love strawberries. Like, Breyers’ Strawberry Ice Cream? My Grandmother used to work at the Breyers factory originally so we used to get like all free ice cream. She’s bring back ice creams that never came out…strawberry has always been the best.”

Last, we had a fantastic question from Monet in Whitter: “What inspires you to write a hit song?”

“What inspires me to write a hit song? You know, whether it becomes a hit or not is determined after it’s written but you know–you always hope to write a hit. But what inspires the record is the creativity within, you know, whether it’s my life experience or seeing a situation and wanting to write a song about it. You know, ‘Bottoms Up!’ is clearly a party record, like a record to just let people release.”

We are pretty impressed none of those questions were marriage proposals to Trey Songz. Especially since we tweeted McCabe that question earlier in the day.

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    You guys look hot!

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