aubreymichelle [Video] Aubrey ODay Dishes On Diddy, Danity Kane, And Perez Hilton With AMP

Haters gonna hate, but haters always hate because they are jealous. Ex-[lastfm]Danity Kane[/lastfm] and Making The Band reality star, [lastfm]Aubrey O’Day [/lastfm]has a lot to “hate” on.

O’Day is the perfectly manufactured pop package: flawless milk of magnesia masked skin (she learned that trick from the “trannies,” she says), willowy long eyelashes, silky hair (which she admits to being extensions), the kind of “fantasy” body men swoon over, a cut-throat work ethic and tons of raw musical talent.

So how did someone with all the necessary attributes for pop-culture domination quickly go from pop-potential to pop-pariah? O’Day joined AMP Radio and Michelle in the studio for a seemingly cathartic chat about her upcoming reality television show (The Aubrey O’Day Project), her “relationship” with [lastfm]Diddy[/lastfm], her dislike of celebmonger Perez Hilton, and her fervent striving for peace and positivity.

While O’Day might physically look like just another beautiful poppet, she is also a strong, outspoken woman. The fire in her eyes and the passion in her voice made it clear that this “doll” is ready to cut the strings that control and bind her.

[pullquote quote=” For the year that I was gone, that people didn’t necessarily see me out every night, I was onstage singing and dancing my a** off. Every night. More than I ever did in Danity Kane. ” credit=”Aubrey O’Day”]

At AMP, we like to give you our honest point-of-view without being snarky and mean. Before we went into the studio with Aubrey O’Day, we decided that no matter what we had read, we’d go in with an unbiased non-judgmental attitude. We are glad we did.

Although celebrities might seem like they are living the “good life,” there are a lot of complex factors that go into being a star. Many of those factors are things that the average person could never deal with: constant public scrutiny, emotional upheaval, lack of physical stability, long days of excruciating work. All that and no cheeseburger or beer to emotionally grub on.

They have to be impossibly skinny or people like Perez Hilton will flame them for a little bit of healthy pudge. When Michelle asked Aubrey O’Day about her supposed physical change, the plastic surgery rumors and misconceptions, O’Day answered:

I’d say a lot of the charity work and the more human side of me they don’t know. I also think that a lot of people think that I’ve changed and become this plastic-surgery, pin-up, bulls**t artist that isn’t really focusing on her talent.

And you know for the year that I was gone, that people didn’t necessarily see me out every night, I was onstage singing and dancing my a** off. Every night. More than I ever did in Danity Kane.

Beyond that, the plastic surgery stuff and the changing of who I am, or I changed because I spoke up to Diddy…I mean, the same reasons that he put me in the group are the same reasons that he fired me from the group.

And it’s always been that I am outspoken and I have a voice and I make it known…[there is no plastic surgery], it’s all real baby. You know what it is? It’s a good make-up artist and a lot of contouring. You can make a nose look different. You can make lips look different.

[pullquote quote=”It’s a good make-up artist and a lot of contouring. You can make a nose look different. You can make lips look different.” credit=”Aubrey O’Day on plastic surgery”]

And what about the infamous Perez Hilton and his constant negativity towards celebrities? Michelle posed an excellent question to O’Day about how Hilton is now on an anti-bullying crusade while his whole entire career is based off of bullying celebs. O’Day answered passionately:

This is what I think about that…I understand that he’s trying to make is career, you know, have longevity. And he does it in the way that he does it.

I try to find good and bad in everything, so I guess I can respect a ‘hustle’ on that end. On the other end, he’s a huge part of the problem. And he’s a hypocrite for bullying people all day long, bullying celebrities. And let me tell you something…celebrities are not immune to nasty things.

I know celebrities that he’s outed. I know celebrities that he’s posted naked photos of. A lot of people have been really harmed and hurt by it and they say ‘From my career point of view, I never thought I’d have to answer up to what my sexual preference is…or explain where I went last night…yes, I applaud his effort to change it around and be positive but on the same note, I really didn’t even know about it.

Why? Because I stopped reading his site long ago. So, it’s like, you poisoned your voice so much with all the negativity, it’s like now that you want to be positive, good luck getting people to really listen to that message.

O’Day is smart. Not just “trained by her handler” smart. Like, really smart. She is conscientious, instinctual, and thoughtful. She looks like a glamazon sorority girl and talks like a sassy shop girl, working part-time while she finishes up her masters.

[pullquote quote=”Puff fired me…go ahead and say it, honey. It doesn’t hurt my feelings. ” credit=”Aubrey O’Day”]

She’s not a bubbly blonde cheerleader type, either. O’Day exudes a kind of subdued, dark intensity that only dissipates when she is talking about her animals or her philanthropic endeavors. It is plain to all who look with a discerning eye that O’Day has been deeply affected by all the bullying from the media and is making it her personal mission–if only to herself–to persevere despite the haters.

O’Day talks about Danity Kane and the “Diddy” situation:

Well, we definitely didn’t decide it wasn’t going to happen anymore. Puff fired me…go ahead and say it, honey. It doesn’t hurt my feelings…It was a very tricky situation because it started off as like, you know, we built a business relationship. From that business relationship, we built friendships.

From those friendships, we really built a family. So when Diddy dismantled the entire thing, it really wasn’t just like we lost ‘Making The Band’ or Danity Kane, which is what the world saw…we lost of business venture, we lost our friendships, and we lost our family…I, obviously, was projected as being the one that took kind of the brunt of the break-up. Which, in all honesty–and behind the scenes–was not the reality of that situation.

But, you know, I’ll always be really honest about it….There are definitely things that I wish I could have done better. And I think the people that don’t take any responsibility from it are probably the ones that are most to blame.

[pullquote quote=”I always feel like my life would be so much easier if I just learned to shut up a little more.” credit=”Aubrey O’Day”]

O’Day is not just working on her new album. She is working on herself and cultivating relationships with “real” friends.

Currently, I’m filming my reality show and I’m recording for my first solo album after Danity Kane…I basically spent a year of my life performing. I kind of wanted to get back to my grassroots and take it someplace that wasn’t about all the industry games…after that I decided that I’d built my little self-esteem wheel back up, then I decided that it would be a good move to give the music industry another chance.

Right now I’m mostly focusing on my finding my voice, I’m focusing on my sound and really my message. I think I’m someone who is pretty fearless and outspoken. I always feel like my life would be so much easier if I just learned to shut up a little more.

I’m still growing, I’m still finding myself.  So all of that is kind of being exposed in my entire journey with my music. And you know now, before I had a business situation where–thankfully–those people became family to me, now I actually get to have my real friends and family surrounding me. That are my friends just because we are friends, not because of any business obligations. “

No matter what, there will be insecure people who are haters. But we found Aubrey O’Day lucid, friendly, and normal.

She might be contoured in all the right ways, but she is just a beautiful woman tragically burned by her boss (Diddy) and friends (the public). And that is something everyone can sympathize with.

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