Halloween How-To: Be Ke$ha for Halloween!

keshadrunk Halloween How To: Be Ke$ha for Halloween!

Messed up hair; glitter eyeliner; a bottle of Jack Daniels in hand; fishnet tights. Those are just some of the normal components of any raging Halloween night. It’s also half-way to a [lastfm]Ke$ha [/lastfm]costume. What? You mean all you have to do is get drunk, go hardcore, and throw glitter on the floor? Well. YES! That’s all you have to do!

And you won’t have to worry about the “mystery stains” on your antique Marie Antoinette costume. Because every awesome Halloween should end with mystery stains.

Ke$ha’s really easy to do. First, she’s always a hot mess, emphasis on the hot. No girl in the biz could handle full-on facial glitter the way our dear Ke$ha can. Second, she kind of looks like us after a couple of nights of heavy partying with sexy rocker dudes. Third, dressing like Ke$ha doesn’t require buying free-range, organic flank steak to sew into a skirt.

Kesha’s Hair

We love Ke$ha’s hair because it looks like she does what we do when we suffer bouts of insomnia–cut giant chunks out of our hair with kitchen scissors. If you’re blonde, brave, and have thick hair, go for it! If not, get a long blonde “rocker” wig and chop and texturize the crap out of that thing. Just don’t lose any of the length.

keshahair Halloween How To: Be Ke$ha for Halloween!

Ke$ha also wears a lot of hair accessories like feathers and animal hats called Spirit Hoods. Go to the fashion district Downtown for lots of cheap feathers or your local craft store. If you really want a furry animal hat, check out the Spirit Hoods website.

keshahair2 Halloween How To: Be Ke$ha for Halloween!


keshaspirit1 Halloween How To: Be Ke$ha for Halloween!

Ke$ha’s Make-up

Ke$ha has the best Halloween make-up because you can basically mess it up and it will look better. All you need is tons of glitter, jet black eyeliner, lots of gooey black mascara, a matte pink lip, and a nose ring. If you can’t do a real nose ring, you can fake one with a metal hoop or buy a fake one at a Halloween store.

keshatorso Halloween How To: Be Ke$ha for Halloween!

Ke$ha’s Accessories

Feathers, tons of chunky bracelets, long necklaces, turquoise, long dangly earrings, more feathers, multi-colored nails. Basically throw on every accessory you own or hit up stores like Forever 21 or H&M for cheap goodies.

keshanails Halloween How To: Be Ke$ha for Halloween!

Ke$ha’s Style

Cut-off jeans or sequined booty shorts, a pair of fishnet or colored tights, a loose rocket t-shirt, a sequined blazer and some motorcycle boots, a couple of $ signs drawn all over your body and you are set! Just don’t forget the $ signs or people might not know who you are!

keshastyle Halloween How To: Be Ke$ha for Halloween!

Ke$ha looking a bit more magazine glam.

keshatights Halloween How To: Be Ke$ha for Halloween!

You can buy tons of stuff that looks like Ke$ha’s clothing at places like Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, or any discount clothing shop. Just be brave, keep the palette on the dark rocker side, and go crazy with your pattern mixtures. You probably already have most of what you need in your closet!

  • What do you think? Will you dress like Ke$ha this year for Halloween? Let us know in the comments!


One Comment

  1. Summer says:

    I AMMM TOTALLY DRESSING UP FOR kesha on haloween i absolutly love this girl i love her music and her style. she EXPREsses her self everywhere and i love that.

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