paparazzi AMP Mornings: Malibu Joe Paparazzo Makes Club Worthy Music

Usually, the Hollywood paparazzi are busy annoying celebrities so they can capture that perfect photo for us regular folk to ogle at, but Carson Daly met one photog who’s got a burgeoning career in music! Check out Malibu Joe’s tracks after the jump!

First off, listen to Carson’s introduction:

Let’s start out with his signature song, “African Paparazzo,” that Carson played on the morning show today:

Lots of callers said they could imagine his songs playing at the clubs.  Listen to Mandy’O and decide for yourself!

And finally, here’s “Wake It Up:”

So what do you think? Vote in our poll and let us know what you think in the comments!

Comments (76)
  1. Marie says:

    This is sooo coool! Love the Malibu Joe Paparazzo song! was dancing in my car on the way to work:-)) Can’t wait to hear it in clubs!
    Thanks Carson for the best music, and for finding this gem!

  2. MARS says:


    HE’SO GOOOOOoooooooooooD!!!!!


    peace up, to the MAESTRO!


  3. Alexandra says:

    This music is AMAZING. Can’t stop playing it and dancing to it. LOVE IT.

  4. Romuald says:

    Amazing songs!!! Huge Artist! So cool!

  5. Cyrille RESTIER says:

    Bravo, et très bon travaille depuis 1 an. Félicitations à Joe

  6. johnny ray says:


  7. christinaQ says:

    THIS MUSIC ROCKS!!!!!! I’ve seen Joe over the years in Malibu and he’s not only fantastically talented, he’s super hot also, girl will love him, give this guy a record deal!!!! music world needs something fresh like this guy!!! bravo!

  8. hanane says:

    I love it – Please let us listen to his music – He deserve a lot!!!!
    Thanks for giving him a chance to do what HE LOVES to do MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC AND MUSIC 🙂

  9. nathalie pierre says:

    I love his music ”Malibu joe” gonna be a star,and its gonna be fun to see him track by paparazzis ;)))Lol

  10. Raj la Rage says:

    This music and artist are wonderfull!!! Can’t stop listening to these tracks, we need more music like this on the radio!!! Give a chance to REAL artist with talents!!!Go JOE!!!

  11. Stef says:

    Joe’s music is so great and new !!!
    Go, go, go paparazzo !!!
    You deserve the best !

  12. hatim says:

    BIG thanks to Carson !!!!!!!!!!!!! and Jo keep up the good work !!!! u deserve it ! love u mate!!!!!

  13. Maja says:

    Amazing, want more of it. What a story… Only in L.A. greetings from Bogota

  14. Frenchylina says:

    Ok stop me I can’t stop playing it. I want more!!!!!

  15. Stephanie M/from London says:

    I know Malibu Joe , personally and musically : Invite him in!! He is awesome. Allez vas y Joe!!!!!!!!!! Live from London , LA , Paris …Malibu Joe rocks and has been for a while now for the ones who know him , now we just need to him in the known for the ones who don’t know him!!!!!!!!!!!!SUPER!!!!!!!!!

  16. Mohamed says:

    This Sound is Crazzzzzzyyyyyyy !!!! I’m dancing in my car !!!Waaaahouuuu The MUSIC World needs somethings good like this guy !!! Good Job Bro’

  17. Laurent says:

    Great club music! Should go very far…

  18. Mbuy/from France says:

    AMAZING and AMAZING and AMAZING !!!!!!
    Y’a pas un autre mot. Le gars a la zik dans le sang.
    Tout le monde doit entendre cette MUSIQUE !!!!

  19. Sebastien says:

    Love it!!!!Ur the Best Joe!!!!!!!!!It’s good Karma Music!!!!!!!

  20. headtoed says:

    o’mandy o’ mandy o’

  21. mbacke dioum says:

    amazing waw is a star . i need to buy the cd

  22. fanfansow says:

    hey jo où tu vas comme ça, sa musique nous titillt jusqu’en bretagne

  23. essy says:

    wow i heard it this morning while i was driving my kids to school, couldn’t wait to come home and look for it online. now i wish someone would upload his pic so i can put a face to the voice. carson … now you should take he’s pic so we can see what he looks like. great of you for doing your part in helping him out by putting his music out there. he’s going to be the next new sensation, specially by the way he’s being promoted

  24. Mélissou / from France says:

    Ta music est cooooooooool !!!!!
    tu manques tonton Joe

  25. RaceMan says:

    Hes amazing!!!! Do everything you can to help him!!!

  26. Ely says:

    Love the trax !
    I love Malibu Joe! Keep making music!

  27. Raj la Rage says:

    Anyone who wants more, check Joe’s myspace page with more music!!!!!

  28. Ashley says:

    He’s amazing, hope he goes far! Best thing on the radio now, other than Lady gaga of course 🙂

  29. giang says:

    PLEASE PLEASE Carson, Make this guys music real! This song was amazing. It’s been a hours since I’ve heard my song, and it’s still stuck in my head. He sounds like Shaggy + Mika + Akon. LOVE him already.

  30. christina lowe says:

    I was driving thru McD’s this morning when Malibu Joe was being played – I turned it up loud enough for the people inside to kind of hear what was going on – I got a lot of smiles & actually a few dance moves from some of the employees! Way to go Malibu Joe, your music is HOT!

  31. Helen says:

    I like it!! Thanks Carson for the new vibe, always good to hear some good and original stuff, it gives me positive energy!! I would say do what you can for Malibu Joe!!

  32. Karine D says:

    Malibu Joe, is so cool … Love it!

  33. le ste de paname says:

    THANKS Carson for playing those tracks, and please let us listen to his music again and again!!!!
    StE from Paris

  34. Olivier P says:

    This is great Joe… keep rocking our world !!!!!

  35. Rad says:

    Are there rules against playing music from an artist who isn’t signed or who doesn’t have a contract? I’d love to hear this song at least once every morning to start my day. Please keep playing it!!! Carson you rule for doing this, I don’t know of many others who would help such a talented artist.

  36. LUIS says:

    WOOOOO!!!!! I love this awseome beats! Keep making songz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. moncerrat says:

    this song is so cool! love the Malibu Joe Paparazzo. i was in my room getting ready and the song stuck to my head. i told people if they heard the song.

  38. CW says:

    where can I download his music? i love it…..
    the next David Guetta

  39. gwidael says:

    go ahead Malibu Joe!!! you Rock Dude!! Love it!!!!!!!!! Cheers to you!

  40. Alex R says:

    Hey Carson, great job on actually finding this guy and trying to help him out. Listened to the tracks, amazing vibes, could be huge in clubs!!!

  41. Ariel says:

    I was one of the 3 callers on air this morning who told Carson how much I LOVE THIS MUSIC!!! Now that I’ve heard more of it, I love it EVEN MORE! Especially “Wake it up”. Keep it coming!

  42. joe says:

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii colllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  43. Alexandru says:

    Amazing music, hope it blows up world-wide!!!

  44. EttaSkye says:

    LOVE Malibu Joe! So catchy – great beat – makes me wanna dance…he has a lot of talent – I keep playing it over and over – somebody get this guy a record deal – he rocks!

  45. Axel says:

    Heard it this morning, cant get it out of my head. Total club hit!

  46. wafae says:

    amazing! i love it. hopely we’ll hear it everywhere.

  47. Anais says:

    What a Beautifull Artist !
    Hey thats crazy songs… Nobody did what you’re doing !!!
    It’s just AMAZING…

  48. teeroyy says:

    this guy is good ! Me and my friend were listening to amp radio in my car at school and we were busting up about the story, the songs were actually pretty sick ! Get this guy out there his music would be good at EDC ! Hahaha

  49. teeroyy says:

    the question is…..where do I get these tracks?!

  50. Elena says:

    Joe’s music makes me dance and brings a good vibe! it’s fresh, catchy, groovy, sexy and hot. I easily can imagine this music blowing up dance floors all over the world, especially in Russia, where I am from. i.e. Golazo can be a big hit there. We need some hot music to warm us up :-)))

  51. Maud says:

    Love the african touch !
    Natural sens of the rhythm, groovy folktale…
    200% AMAZING !

  52. Diane says:

    OMG!!! Just what any clubber would wish for!! I can’t stop dancin’ to his music!!
    Carson u’re gonna hit a homerun with malibu Joe here!



  53. Fanny Jin says:

    Finally !!! I get to listen to Malibu Joe’s African Paparazzo again. A year later ! I missed that song for waaaaay too long ! Now I want to hear it on every radios in the world, everyday !
    Carson keeps being surprised by his professionalism, but JO IS A PRO, no doubt about it !!! He just needs a little help to become a great star. Yeah “The arouser will be aroused”, for sure, Malibu Jo on all people magazines sooner that you think.
    I always said African Paparazzo will be a hit and I’ll be making the music video…
    Go Jo Go Jo Go Jo !!!!

  54. alicia says:

    Love this! I hope he goes far! He is very talented I love all of the tracks I’ve heard

  55. Gabriela says:

    his music is AWESOME play it more! It will especially appeal to us young kids! XD

  56. Juan says:

    How do i get the music!????

  57. Allison Nila says:

    I love his music I hope he gets signed so we can hear more! How does this guy not have a record deal?

  58. saandra says:

    Amazing song, I love it!……=)

  59. Matthew says:

    Malibu Joe is one of the greatest Africian singer i have ever hear better than Iyaz, Akon, and maybe Sean Kingston

  60. Matthew says:

    I am looking forward to his album

  61. Nicole Vasquez says:

    I think Malibu Joe sounds really cool!! The beat is great for dancing!! Love it!!!

  62. Bryan Ortiz says:

    Wow This Guy Is Really Cool I Just Know He Is Going To Be The Next Big Thing

  63. Nick says:

    Great great stuff !!! Will you be playing in NY ? When is the album coming out ?

  64. berto says:

    Malibu Joe……one word……AMAZING!!!!!!!!

  65. camille says:

    Finallyyyyyy something worth listening to!!!!!
    Thank you , thank you, thank you Carson for finding him and thank you Joe for your great creativity! Now I DEMAND more….

  66. Jason says:

    Malibu Joe rocks. Doing the American dream is awesome. Good job Carson in doing your part in helping people out. Mad respect!!!

    Can’t wait till clubs start playing his tracks 🙂

  67. alexis says:

    I can’t believe he’s not even heard all around the world!

  68. C-real says:

    Cool ! someone posted it on Youtube!
    African paparazzo:

    Wake it up :

  69. cory c says:

    i love plaing this in my car on the way to school! PLAY HIM MORE!!!!!!!

  70. faye/Toronto Canada says:

    LIKE IT LIKE IT LIKE IT. Keep it up! Going through lot of barriers and working hard to realise your dream.Keep it up!BIG thanks to Carson Cest original Feliciations. Diadieuffeutehhhh

  71. Rachel Winokur says:

    thrilled to learn about joe’s music which i love and i’m so excited that he’s in LA where i live! looking forward to seeing him perform locally soon!

  72. Emeline says:

    It is too good….I love it ….

  73. alexis says:

    Whoever thought it was lame or are you kidding me have no taste or sense in music.

  74. petra says:

    I love this awseome beats! thank you from germany

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