Lip Syncing At The 2010 MTV VMAs: Is Justin Bieber The Real Deal?

104035008 Lip Syncing At The 2010 MTV VMAs:  Is Justin Bieber The Real Deal?

There’s no denying [lastfm]Justin Bieber[/lastfm] came to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards with the intention to impress.  Rolling up in a car, doing his costume change on stage and having a crew of backup dancers to back him up while he performed his hit single, “Baby.”  Justin Bieber might have picked up the awards for Best New Artist for the same song, but can you consider a alleged lip syncer an artist?

Immediately after his performance, the internet exploded with accusations that the teen dream didn’t even bother to sing his song during his performance.  Sure there was dancing and amazing performance overall, but does it even count if the singer opts to use a pre-recorded track of the song they’re supposed to sing?

Now the Canadian darling is dealing with being called “fake,” which is not the usual adoration and praise he’s used to.  At least it wasn’t as devastating as [lastfm]Ashlee Simpson[/lastfm]’s infamous Saturday Night Live performance where the pre-recorded track messed up and she ran off stage.  If we’ve learned anything from her, just stay calm, which is what it seemed Justin Bieber did.  However, his fans did not seem to be into it.  Especially, since he is known to perform live.

As Bieber fans, do you think that he should be ashamed that he did not sing live?  Take our poll and tell us what you think!


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  1. mikayla says:

    hes been on break from his tour amd singing because doctors told him to..thats probably why he didnt sing..

    1. Mish says:

      So don’t sing. Tell the audience, “Hey guys, my throat’s been blah lately and the doctors have told me to shut up for a while. Can’t sing today, sorry <3" It's better than duping the audience.

      1. Tanya says:

        Yeah because that will fly with everyone. I would rather just not see him in concert. Ever.

      2. mikayla says:

        But it was probably such an honor to get to sing at the VMA;s he probably didnt wanna let down all his fans who were looking forward to his perfornance

  2. elisa says:

    who cares if he lip synced .. he’s still awesome

  3. Nik says:

    ohh everyone needs to stop kissing that kids ..he lip synced..if he needs to do that..then hes fake.
    yeah all you little girls idol him because hes “so cute”, but think about that music he makes, and now hes fakin ?
    ahh hes rediculous

  4. bricksquad says:

    its because hes going threw puberty , his voice doesn’t sound the same anymore. micheal jackson and usher were lucky , they got to keep there high voices .. sorry justin bieber !!

  5. Sarah says:

    All you people making up reasons for him singing: if he was ‘sick’ or ‘couldn’t sing’ then he should have said ‘hey guys, im sick, im going to lip synch because i really want to perform tonight!’

  6. britney says:

    um HELLO the doc said he had to lay the singin off for a while cuz of his tour duh

  7. real musician says:

    I saw this “singer” “live” on the View– you cannot tell me that ABC network with all its millions does not have a proper monitor system in its studio– when he sang he was very off pitch– it was pathetic–very poor performance-from Madonna to Britney to Timberlake to Simpson to Usher to GAGA– this is the rule in the USA music biz today– it took John Mayer 10 years to have a decent level of musician ship & vocal ability & he had to do it signed to a major label in front of millions– as opposed to the many un signed artists who perform full time in bars clubs etc who NEVER lip synch the MOST NAIVE MUSIC LISTENER IS THE YOUNG GIRL WHO IS THE TARGET OFTHE PEOPLE WHO SIGN THESE “SINGERS” the MOST STUPID are the ones who allow them to buy these “products ” with the imperssion that they are real– some one needs to expalin to the public the term “PRO TOOLS” & what can be done with them to enhance a no talent into a “SUPERSTAR”

  8. Lisa says:

    Okay who cares if an artist lip synchs, i think they should sometime in their career cause it might mess up their vocals. we shouldnt always count on them to sing live everytime, we should respect them for all the work they do with their voice, just because some of us cant experience what its like to use our voice in a powerful way and then have it hurt really bad, doesnt mean we cant appreciate all singers. I really dont care if Justin was singing, i knew that he had a concert from his tour that happened 2 days after the VMAs.
    Im not a fan of Justin just because he is cute, I am a fan because of his story, his talent and the success he has had. you can say all the meanest and dumbest stuff to me, but it wont change my opinion or hurt my feelings

    1. Lisa says:

      I mean i dont really care if Justin WASNT singing

  9. Miriamm says:

    Justin didnt sing because he is sick; his body gaurd and trusted friend even said so; he openly said “lip synching kid” or something like that but it was no secret. we all knew. he happend to collapse the thursday before the VMAs & for the past week or so has been very sick, put on vocal rest & bed rest, he even cancelled a show recently. he didnt lie to his fans; i was at his rehearsal friday & he didnt act like he didnt. we all knew lmfao :] so i dont hold him lip synching against him. i understand. poor kid. he deserves a break hes just a teenage boy, and hes sick.

  10. miranda says:

    soem other artists lip sync too..hes not the only one in the world..gosh people

    1. khatman says:

      The best singers do not lipsync. They do not depend on autotune in the studio either.

  11. Joe says:

    Yees suuure, its always okay when everybody else does it… *sarcasm* (unless you haven’t figured it out already)

  12. lesley says:

    dont even preform if ur gonna lip sync

  13. anahy says:

    he wasn’t lip syncing i was there!

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