cbsamericanuniversity Five Mistakes To Make In College

Fall is just around the corner (even though it’s 1,000 degrees in the San Fernando Valley), and that means a return to school. But for thousands, that return will happen in a brand new locale, with new (fewer) rules and a brand new campus to learn. It’s time to head to college! For the incoming freshman, here are five mistakes you should be making over the next four years:

1) Worry Less About Grades: High school grades get you into college. But the goal of college isn’t to please a teacher as much as it is to learn. So don’t slack off, but learn for the sake of learning cool stuff (remember, you’re only taking the classes that you want to take now!) rather than trying to make a professor happy.

2) Skip Class: Attendance is not mandatory. It’s the last time it’ll be the case – in the real world, you have to show up for work – so take advantage.

3) Don’t Join A Fraternity Or Sorority: We’ve got nothing against the Greek system. But most college Greek organizations tend to attract people with common goals, plans and culture. Go meet new people! Make friends from all over the world who have different interests from you. You’ll get to learn so much more from that than from yet another kegger.

4) Fall In Love: In the real world, you’ll work for a company made of people ranging from 21-65+ years old. This is the last time that nearly everyone you see will be available and at least somewhat compatible.

5) Don’t Go Home For The Holidays: At least once, stay on campus during a major holiday. It’ll break your parents’ heart, but cooking that holiday meal on a bad dorm stove with a bunch of other stranded students gives a peak into adulthood that you won’t get in the college cafeteria.

If you’ve finished college, which of these did you do? And what other mistakes would you suggest?

[Source: Shine/Yahoo!]

  1. jennifer says:

    dont take a class just for friends

    understand people want to take classes with there friends, but if you dont need the class then dont spend your time or money on a class that is not worth it, you will spend longer in school then you would like to

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