0224 man and woman in bed aw Ten Clues That Your Man is in Love With You

We’ve all been there: you know you are in love with your man, but you can’t tell whether he shares the same feelings. It’s hard because communication styles between men and women are different. Men don’t talk as much as women about how they feel, but they do show signs of their love in simple, clear terms with unmistakable actions. Is your man in love with you?

  • Crush Clue #1: He looks you in the eye.

People in love also love to look at each other! While no man is perfect, his chances of looking at another woman or being distracted by outside factors decrease exponentially when he is in love. Harvard psychologist Zick Rubin says that people in love look at each other 75 percent of the time while those who aren’t at that level yet only look at each other 30 to 60 percent of the time.

  • Crush Clue #2: His life plans include you.

Don’t discount a man when he is talking more than 6 months into the future with you. Whether it’s planning a vacation, buying a house, or even just the giant True Blood viewing parties you are going to throw next season, if he wants you there, he will include you in his dreams.

  • Crush Clue #3: He empathizes with you.

Guys can be sensitive too. Most guys in love are pretty sensitive to their significant other’s feelings even if they don’t show it explicitly. Sometimes the clues are more subtle; happy you equals happy him whereas angry you can start a subconscious fight with angry him. Being in tune with each other is not always fun, but it does signify a very strong bond.

  • Crush Clue #4: He trusts you.

Yeah, you may have had a scandalous past or you may be a consummate gossip but a guy who is in love will trust you. He’ll give you free reign over his thoughts and belongings. Just don’t overstep your boundaries and take that trust for granted i.e. leave stuff like his phone and computer alone!

Crush Clue #5: He makes space for you.

If  you start seeing your favorite ice cream in the freezer and he clears out a drawer for your things, you can bet your man is in love. He thoughtfully recognizes that you are an important part of his life and actively creates a comfortable environment for you to enjoy. That’s pretty spectacular!

  • Crush Clue #6: He treats you like part of the family.

This is a huge test of love. A guy in love will treat you like part of his family and feel a part of yours. He will invite you to his family reunion and call your little sister to with her a happy birthday. If there is any sort of family activity it is expected that you come along. He trusts you with the people that he loves and cares about best.

  • Crush Clue #7: He talks about children.

Not all men or couples want children even if they are in love, but for those that do it is a huge sign of commitment if a man starts talking about having children with you. Even if it’s ten years into the future.

  • Crush Clue #8: He goes out of his way to help you.

Whether he picks you up from the airport, helps you with car repairs, or lends you some cash in a tough spot, men in love tend to readily help the woman in their lives. Just don’t expect too much. He’s your lover, not your slave.

  • Crush Clue #9:  He makes sacrifices for you.

Whether they be big or small, a sacrifice or a compromise is a sure sign of love. If he wants to see an action flick and you convince him to see a foreign indie movie that’s not his taste, that’s love.

  • Crush Clue #10: He stands close in public.

Everyone demonstrates their love differently, but public closeness is often a sign that he’s proud of you and loves having you near him.

Keep in mind that this is a generalization and not all men are the same. If you really want to know if your man loves you, the solution is simple, ask him. You may be surprised about how much he is willing to open up to you.

[Source: Yahoo! Shine]


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