coffeedrinker Four Ways Being Naughty Can Actually Be Nice

C’mon. Full confession time. Don’t you love doing naughty things every once in a while? Doesn’t it make you feel alive to do something innocently bad? Like eating a banana split for dinner or planting a kiss on a cute boy you just met? While we can’t always do the bad things we want to, there are a few things considered “vices” that are actually more like “pleasurable virtues.” Who knew you could have your devilish little ways and enjoy them healthfully too?

1) Playing hooky:

Are you mentally and emotionally exhausted and can’t fathom going in to work or school? Give yourself a mental health day. Don’t think of it as irresponsible. What is irresponsible is not paying attention to your psychological cues for relaxation and then doing a bad job on something. Whether you take a vacation, a staycation, or just give yourself a few extra hours for yoga in the morning, studies show that giving yourself a much-needed break decreases stress and depression, lowers your blood pressure, and increases creativity. Think of it like this: a few days off of work can make you 10 times more effective at your position when you come back!

2) Chocolate, of course:

We all know those stereotypes surrounding women and their obsessive love of chocolate. Well, lots of stereotypes are true for a reason! A few ounces of dark chocolate a day will increase your health with its natural antioxidants and mood-boosters. Plus, it decreases your blood pressure and reduces the risk of stroke. What’s not to love!

3) Your morning coffee ritual:

Don’t listen to those caffeine-free naysayers. If you don’t have anxiety, heart problems, or migraines, you are a good candidate for the benefits of caffeine. Coffee can ward off heart disease, fight some cancers and increase exercise stamina. Just don’t get a giant ice blended with whipped cream and sugar. Stick to the good old plain stuff.

4) Massages:

Whether you are rubbed down by a professional or by your husband, people who get touched regularly are proven healthier. Massage is also a natural form of pain relief and decreases depression, anxiety and anger. If you are massage adverse, practice the art of long hugs. Even the slightest bit of friendly human contact may be all you need!

Every girl needs to be a bit naughty now and then. Even [lastfm]Eartha Kitt [/lastfm]wanted to be evil.

  • Let us know. What are your favorite ways to be a little bit bad?

[Source: Yahoo! Shine]


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