Cee-Lo Brings Us “Forget You” — A Clean Version Of This Summer’s Breakup Anthem

cee lo Cee Lo Brings Us Forget You    A Clean Version Of This Summers Breakup Anthem

Photo by Jason Merritt / Getty Images

[lastfm]Cee-Lo[/lastfm]’s latest song hit the web and it’s been making a splash!  Can’t place who he is?  He’s the singer of [lastfm]Gnarls Barkley[/lastfm] and he’s been busy working on his solo project The Lady Killer.

The original cut of the break up anthem has got a lot of naughty language, which makes it hard to listen to at work, school and even at home.  Never fear, we’ve got a safe for work edit “Forget You” that you can listen to a billion times without offending anyone.

We love this new instant hit!  It not only makes us want to get up and dance, but it’s great song to listen to after you kick your ex to the curb!  What do you think?

Now, Cee-Lo has released another track, “Bright Lights, Bigger City,” which you can check out here!

glee paltrow Cee Lo Brings Us Forget You    A Clean Version Of This Summers Breakup Anthem

“Forget You” was also featured on Fox’s smash hit show Glee.  You can check out our recap of the episode here.

And don’t forget to check out [listenlive id=”37476″]Glee Radio[listenlive] where you can catch their version of “Forget You” in addition to more of their smash hits.


One Comment

  1. Michael Scott says:

    “Forget You” is the cheap knock-off version for the pearl-clutching Puritans. It sucks. The NSFW original version, however, is phenomenal.

    1. robyn peter chalker says:

      you ar a f***er you michael scott

      1. $$$$$$ says:

        Screw yourself, michael scott. And F**K YOU

  2. masterk00sh says:

    Cee lo was right in rolling stones, the original is better

  3. Axel says:

    Wow – talk about bending over and copping out just to keep the label, or big media happy.

    The original is a classic, the ‘teaparty friendly” mix however is lame!

    1. billybob says:

      wait so who sings the original

      1. collin says:

        cee lo green

  4. Milly says:

    It’s a amazing song love the video

  5. Milly says:

    Some people prefer the original version but i dont

    1. john says:

      yea well f*&^ you
      the original song was meant for u

      1. LOLJohn says:

        ^LOL John.

        With a name like Milly of course.

    2. peace says:

      you rock girlriend

    3. peace says:

      you rock girlfriend

  6. leon says:

    this is one of the best songs ive herd in a while ….

  7. Nick says:

    What’s the original song’s name?

  8. Destyn Dreading says:

    dude this song is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all u haters are stoopid! and the one were he says FU instead of forget u is better!

    1. kkthnxbye says:

      guys guys i personally think this song rolls some serious face either version so im gona have to say any of you who were insulting it “F**k You” now have a nice day 🙂

  9. Jacquii says:

    Well I think its awsome ,its my most listened to song on my ipod
    I loveee this song

  10. Bridgett says:

    I heard the radio version first, but I like both of them. I can listen to Forget You at work and yell F*** You at home 🙂

    1. Jordan Lite says:

      I agree.

    2. kkthnxbye says:


  11. Jacques says:

    the only thing i have to say :” Fuck you “

    1. Kate wellinton says:

      no thats just rude so f**k u back.

  12. Word Smyth says:

    This song is the bomb, either version. I like the clean version, because I can listen to it at work and around my four year old, but while I’m in the car, I’m like – F* you and F* her tooooo 😀

  13. kadia says:

    i think the song is awsome

  14. David says:

    I love the originally version, the vanilla version, the Peltrow version however, I think Sandra Bullock should do a version!!!

  15. Olivia says:

    It rocks i sung it at school cuz i got dumped

  16. Yo mama says:

    This song is cool. I love it. I can listen to this song over and over. It makes me laugh when people say negative comments. Cee-lo does not care what you think of the song. He is rich, and all you haters.. well…. FORGET YOU all. keep making music Cee-lo….. there are people that do appreciate good music.

  17. Lisa says:


  18. WHAT EVER says:

    you guys Are all fails!!! Ya need to leave Dumba$$es

  19. noah says:

    i listen to this ever day before school and it makes me feel better about facing my ex!

  20. Catherine says:

    The only thing I don’t like about the song is that he starts crying in the middle of the song. I thought he witnessed a murder.

  21. peace says:

    that forget you song was off the hook i loved it

  22. peace says:

    i love the song forget you

  23. maddie says:

    love this song i was listening to this song in my aunts car and she got me opsessed with this song now all you litlle people who say it sucks you can f off cause this songs great

    1. Whack_Em_All_Neb says:

      Yup, doesn’t matter what the hatters’ say. Me, I like all three Versions. I actually heard the Glee Version first.Thats why i googled Cee-Lo’s orig. version. and got to khow of the Wild and Naughty 1st version. Loved them all. So “Michael Scott” ur’ the Puritan here. Chuckles….:)

  24. Rdichrd Poppe says:

    Wow! Another pop star that can’t actually sing! This no-talent douche and other acts like him are taking pop music to it’s lowest level in decades. Of course, the only reason he even has a career is because of all the morons that buy his music couldn’t evaluate REAL musical talent if their life depended on it.

  25. bts says:

    I think its great f!*k you if u tink otherwise

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