cbsashleygreene Vampire Workout Tips From Ashley Greene

You’ve seen her kick butt now in the three Twilight films, but actress Ashley Greene needs more than her occasional filming responsibilities as Alice Cullen to stay in top shape. Here’s how she does it!

1) Warm up with five minutes of cardio.

2) Ball Pass: Hold a ball, water bottle, or other easy to manage object in your right hand. Extend both arms out from the shoulders, parallel to the floor. While standing on one leg, raise both arms directly above your head. Pass the ball/object from your right hand to your left. Lower arms back to horizontal position. Repeat for one minute.

3) Rotating Squat: Start in a squat. Lift your right leg and rotate 180 degrees. Put foot back down and land immediately in another squat. Repeat, alternating turning directions.

4) Duck: Lift arms into a boxing stance and lean as far out to the right as possible. Duck your entire upper body in towards your right thigh, then rotate to the left and stand back up. Repeat the motions in reverse to get back to the starting point. That’s one rep – aim for 15-20.

5)  Front Kick: Lunge forward with your right leg. Plant your right foot, then push off of it and kick forward with your left leg. Return left leg to starting position. Repeat 15-20 times, then switch legs for another 15-20.

6) Wide Hooks: Squat slightly, with hands and arms in a boxing pose. Punch with your right arm, but control the fist and bring it tightly across your body (like a hook). Return to starting position. Throw 15-20 punches with each arm.

7) Scorpion Planks: Get in plank/push up position. Pull your right knee toward your left elbow, then put the leg back where it started. Do this 12-15 times with each leg.

8 ) Repeat steps 2-7.

9) Kick a werewolf.

Congrats! Do this for a really, really long time and you might look like this:

If you don’t, at least you’ll hopefully feel like you do!

[Source: Shape via ONTD]

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  1. Christina Lowe says:

    i have to say i have been doing some of these things on her list, and ya i can definitely see and feel a difference… i wont ever look like her, but hey i do feel better haha – see you can get everything from AMPradio – health tips, news, music, world stuff, sports… everything!

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