glee 14 glee kids overhead 1887 ly 500x366 Spoiler Alert: Ten Glee Teasers to Tide You Over

We don’t care if our hipster friends hide their musical-weary, judgmental eyes behind their copy-cutter Ray-Bans or our boyfriends pat us on the back and flee the room while we weep with joy into our Hello Kitty pajamas; we love Glee. And apparently, so does most of the American population. Why? Because we rule.

So shake them haters off, start practicing your scales in the mirror, make your cat an unwilling dance partner and get excited for the new season of Glee with these spoilers!

1. “The Power of [lastfm]Madonna[/lastfm] 2” is going to happen.

C’mon, the more Madge, the better! No one tops the Queen of Pop and she loved her tribute on Glee last season. We think Sue Sylvester gave her some heavy competition with her rendition of “Vogue.” She even used some of the original props from the “Vogue” music video. Ryan Murphy elaborates on the wanting to do more material on the “Material Girl:”

[lastfm]”Madonna[/lastfm] was thrilled with the [first tribute] episode. We don’t know when we’re doing [a second] but we will at some point do it.” The “Power of [lastfm] Madonna[/lastfm]” took 12 to 13 days to shoot “and went over budget very early on. But I said to the studio and the network, ‘Do it for Madonna. C’mon.'”

Yeah. C’mon!!!

2. Glee will pay respect to The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Are you a Rocky Horror virgin? Well, if you are, stamp a great big “V” on your forehead, take out your lace teddy with sparkly garters and get ready for the a rawkus rendition of The Rocky Horror Picture Show!  Chris Colfer who plays Kurt requested “The Time Warp” (you know he can’t wait to strap on some satin pumps and some Jungle Red lipstick) and Ryan Murphy made his fancy little heart palpitate when he validated Colfer’s wish:

“Well, funny enough Chris, we are doing a ‘Rocky Horror’ episode.”

3. Tina, Mike, and those other characters you don’t know so well will get more face time.

Fans want it, so Ryan Murphy is gonna give it to them:

“[Everyone] pops so much, I personally want to see a whole episode of Brittany. I want to see more Artie and Tina. The second season is designed to be much more intimate, and it’s from the feedback we’ve gotten really. [Viewers] want to see more of the people they’ve grown to love.”

4. Even though there’ll be more Artie and Tina, it won’t be Artie with Tina.

Aww, we are almost in tears. We love the Artie and Tina combo. But a girl’s got to “live” before she can settle down with one dude, so it makes sense for the story line.

“We’re writing an episode that I really like where we find out that Tina has fallen out of love with Artie and in love [with] Mike.”

5. More relatives will make an entrance.

We’ve been Idina Menzel fans since the early days of Rent (yes, we are bona-fide theatre geeks) and seeing her as Rachel’s mom as made our little tap-dancing hearts do a shuffle-ball-kick. On top of that we will get more of Kurt’s dad, Finn’s mom and maybe even-gasp-Brittany’s super genius older sister?!?

“I have a feeling she has a very smart older sister,” Murphy said.
6. Mercedes is taking Glee to church.

Awesome! A Gospel episode. And Murphy revealed, “Kurt gets to go with her.”

7. Not everyone will be excited about singing [lastfm]Britney Spears[/lastfm].

The episode devoted to Brittany the cheerleader will-of course-be the episode devoted to [lastfm]Brittany Spears[/lastfm]. Matthew Morrison has a vocal hatred of the Cheetos poppin’ songstress so Will Schuester will be adamantly against the glee clubbers doing Spears.

As for the episode? Expect it to be druggy and “hallucinogenic.” What? Is everyone going to be high on Taurine and Vitamin B from Red Bulls?

8. Speaking of Brittany, she may be getting hot and heavy with a fellow Cheerio.

This might be an episode even your boyfriends will watch: Brittany and Santana might do a little naughty nuzzling. Murphy said,

“We’re actually writing an episode where we’re debating if they should kiss.”

9. Kurt’s going to get a sweet boyfriend.

Kurt gets some cute and kind arm candy! No more playing faux-beau to Mercedes or pining after the goofy Finn.

I think he should have a boyfriend and they should be prom king and king,” Murphy said. “I think that’s an important thing to put out in the world. I want to see what that relationship is like. I want to see what [Kurt’s dad] thinks of that relationship.”

10. The post-Super Bowl episode will be another tribute.

But we don’t know yet. We can’t spoil it all!

[Source: ONTD]


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