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When the summer days get longer and the blazing sun deceives you into thinking it’s only 4:30 when it’s actually 7:30, it’s hard to keep track of meal time. Lifestyles in California correlate to these sunshine-y schedules: life is often all work and all play. One of the hazards of this undoubtedly fun lifestyle is the penchant to eat a lot and to eat late. Eating healthy when it’s late is not always easy.
So to help you out with your midnight munchies, we’ve compiled a list with do’s (and a few don’ts) to help you through the midnight hour!
Hydrate Before All Else
You might not be hungry. You might be thirsty, especially when it’s hot out. Try drinking a couple of glasses of water and if you need some flavor, add a squeeze of lemon. You might not need to snack after that! Stella Metsovas, a certified nutritionist says:
Dehydration is often mistaken for hunger. Make sure to drink at least two cups of water before consuming any snack.
Eat Like a Bunny

Carrots, celery, lettuce and other favored bunny bites are high in fiber and low in calories. Eat them alone or dipped in a little bit of hummus or peanut butter for a nutritional experience with all the carbs, protein, water, and fiber you may need.

Embrace Carbs

If you have trouble sleeping, slip in some high glycemic index carbs before you sleep between the sheets. Potatoes, rice, whole wheat toast; basically all the things that seem counter intuitive to eat before bed are actually some of the best! Your blood sugar level and the amounts of tryptophan in your body should help your slumber be restful.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

With dried fruit. Sorry, no cookies or ice cream. O’neill explains:

Their natural sweetness will tame your bedtime sweet tooth, and the fiber, potassium and magnesium will gently aid your digestive health.

Go Nuts

Hello, Almonds! Unsalted almonds are like little nuggets of perfect nutrition with plenty of magnesium and B vitamins to increase your happy juice, serotonin. And because we all know quantity is sometimes better than quality (and with almonds you get both), 22 almonds is only about 100 calories. That’s two fistfuls!

Stir It Up

Be a smooth operator with a protein packed smoothie. Almond milk, protein powder, a banana; it’s almost like ice cream but dramatically healthier!

Act Like a Kid

Milk it. Ever seen a baby after it’s been fed? Warm or cold, milk is like nature’s sedative:

“A glass of milk can help you sleep better because of the calcium content — which relaxes muscles — and increases the amount of tryptophan in the blood, which helps promote sleepiness.”

Pinch of Protein

Del-Taco burritos don’t count. Protein makes you feel much fuller than carbohydrates plus it revs up your metabolism while you sleep. So if you feel like working out a little while counting sheep, make an egg white omelet with a lean meat like turkey. And no, Jack In The Box doesn’t count either.

Some Bad Choices: High Fat, Sugary treats, and High Energy Drinks

These should be common sense. High fat is equal to high calorie. That modern myth of gaining weight from eating too late is primarily because of the poor, high-fat choices that people make. Sugary foods can raise your cortisol levels which can make it almost impossible to sleep. If you have nightmares or sweat sessions in your sleep, sometimes sugar is to blame. And high energy drinks. C’mon. We shouldn’t have to explain that one to you. You don’t really need energy to sleep.

Snack safe and snack smart. But most of all, happy snacking!

[Source: AOL Health]

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  1. Christina Lowe says:

    As long as I can put a little bit of peanut butter on the celery, then I am good to go lol 😉

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